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Custom Cornices


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Custom Cornices for Windows: Elevate Your Space

Want to instantly boost your windows from basic to beautiful? Then it's time to upgrade with custom cornices - the ultimate decorative window treatment guaranteed to lend any space a designer finish.

More than just a premium flourish, a well-designed tailored cornice frames your windows beautifully while concealing necessary hardware components like blinds and shades. This enables highlighting architectural details for a polished, high-end aesthetic.

The Role of Fabric in Custom Cornice Designs

Custom cornices for windows come in a variety of materials from woods to polymers, metals, marble composites and beyond. But for many homeowners, custom fabric cornices offer the perfect blend of easy maintenance, versatility and affordable luxury.

Choosing the Right Fabrics for Custom Cornices

Consider valance location and existing room decor when selecting fabric. Delicate silks and velvets make elegant formal living room blind headers while durable canvas and denim suit casual spaces. For cornices expected to handle moisture and humidity extremes in baths or basements, performance fabrics like acrylics and polyester blends withstand the elements.

Achieve Texture and Softness with Fabric Cornices

Fabric cornices introduce delightful textural contrast against hard windows, floors, and walls. Luxurious chenilles, boucles, and velvets in coordinating or contrasting colors to existing schemes infuse rooms with depth and dimension. Play with metallics and sheers for light effects. Fuzzy faux fur fabric pelmets add fun.

Custom Cornices Designs

Work closely with interior design consultants to match window header styles and finishes to your existing room decor seamlessly. Access unlimited customization including:

Drape coordinating fabric coverings over cornice bases in wood, MDF or medium-density foams molded precisely to window widths for flawless fit. Optional decorative embellishments like fringe, cord trim and tassels lend perfectly polished finishing touches.

Installation Tips for Custom Cornices

Proper installation ensures custom window cornices enhance room aesthetics as intended. Check walls for level and plumb. Use adequate support structures - brackets, anchors, and reinforced studs to handle weight. Attention to alignment, symmetry and corner miters completes the designer look. Allow proper clearance for hardware mechanisms and window operation. Consider freestanding floor-to-ceiling top treatment screens to divide large spaces into functional zones.

Maintenance and Care for Custom Cornices

One advantage of custom window treatment cornices is their easy upkeep. Gently dust with a soft brush or vacuum as needed to prevent dirt buildup and retain a fresh appearance over years of service. Spot clean fabric valances using appropriate methods safe for material content. Avoid direct sunlight exposure when possible to preserve dyes and prevent fading. Have professional dry-cleaning seamlessly clean stains or smudges whenever necessary to revitalize custom cornices designs easily.

Beautiful, versatile, and uniquely bespoke, premium personalized valances add the perfect crowning design detail to tie rooms together. With custom cornices for window now available in a delightful array of shapes, configurations, and designer fabrics to match any existing decor, achieving a polished, elegant window finish is easier than ever.