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Custom Roman Shades

With Alva's custom fabric Roman shades, you can get the softness of drapery with the functionality of window shades. We offer the world's finest Belgian linen roman shades, featuring handcrafted pleats, and the most friendly service you will find anywhere. Alva believes that shopping should be a simple pleasure, so we bring humanity and attention to every detail.

From $223

Flat Roman Shades have emerged as a popular choice for homeowners seeking to add sophistication and functio...

Customize Style
From $282

A perennial classic with nothing to prove

Customize Style
From $310

⅜" pockets with dowel inserts, inspired by
traditional Japanese designs.

Customize Style
From $310

Highly functional and just a bit casual. It's smooth front
is tailored to fall into a gentle curve.

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From $338

Dramatic with deep folds.
Perfect for stylish, modern interiors.

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From $338

It's signature inverted pleats make
an elegant statement on a classic window.

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Finest Belgian Linen Roman Shades

We honor the art of making something by hand and quality fabric. Complete the look of every window in your home with the right set of custom Belgian Linen Roman Shades. They set the tone and pull the rest of your elements together for a modern, “finished” look. Fabric Roman shades can be the perfect option for bathrooms, playrooms, and kitchens where you don't want your fabric touching a wet or dirt-prone floor, as well as for windows with radiators or furniture below the sill. Speaking of kids: all of our custom roman shades are made to be child-friendly according to the latest safety standards.

Creating the Perfect Roman Shades: A GuideDiscover the Art of Crafting Roman Shades

To achieve the finest Roman shades, explore the world of craftsmanship and premium materials. Elevate your interior with our Roman Shades, tailored by hand to enhance your windows. Whether you're intrigued by creating your own or seeking the best in the market, delve into the realm of roman shades styles and window treatments.

Crafting Roman Shades: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Unveil the secrets of making a Roman shade through our comprehensive guide. Learn how to make Roman shades that reflect your unique style and preference. From selecting the right fabric to assembling the shade, we've got you covered.

Unveiling the Best Roman Shades

Discover the ultimate selection of Roman shades that reign supreme. Explore a range of styles, from classic to modern, that will transform your windows into exquisite focal points. Dive into the elegance of silk Roman shades and explore the enchanting world of curtains with Roman shades.

Choosing the Perfect Roman Shade Styles

Choosing the Perfect Roman Shade Styles

Dive into a world of Roman shade styles that cater to your interior desires. Delve into the versatility of Flat, Cascade, Front Slat, Relaxed, Pleated, and Tulip Roman Shades. Each style encapsulates a unique charm, ready to complement your home's aesthetics. Not sure which one to pick? Our style finder tool will guide you effortlessly.

Saying "Hello" in Roman Style

Ever wondered how to say "hello" in Roman? Delve into the linguistic aspects of ancient cultures and greet the world in a Roman manner.

Maintaining and Cleaning Roman Shades

Keep your Roman shades in pristine condition with our easy cleaning guide. Learn the best practices for cleaning and maintaining these window treatments to ensure they remain as exquisite as the day you hung them.

Calculating Fabric Requirements for Roman Shades

Unravel the mystery of fabric calculation for your Roman shades project. Learn how to determine the exact amount of fabric needed to create stunning window treatments that fit perfectly.

The Beauty of Finest Roman Shades

Celebrate the elegance of Roman Shades, a testimony to the fusion of craftsmanship and quality fabric. Embrace these shades to infuse a modern, polished look into your living spaces. Discover how these shades harmonize with various window styles and room décors.

Why Opt for Custom Roman Shades?

Explore the timeless appeal of custom Roman shades and unveil the array of benefits they offer. From superior light control to eco-friendliness, discover how these shades enhance your living environment while aligning with your budget.

Control Your Roman Shades with Style

Control Your Roman Shades with Style

Elevate your Roman shades experience with our diverse control options. Whether you prefer cord lock, continuous loop, cordless, inside mount, outside mount, or the futuristic motorized control, each choice influences both functionality and aesthetics.

Selecting the Ideal Fabric for Your Roman Shades

Embark on a journey to choose the perfect fabric for your Roman shades. Navigate through the options of linen blend, flax linen, and stylish patterns to find the fabric that resonates with your design aspirations.

Tailoring Light with Roman Shade Lining

Master the art of light manipulation with different lining options for your Roman shades. Choose between No Lining, Privacy, and Blackout to regulate light levels and privacy in your spaces.

Exploring the Cost of Custom Roman Shades

Delve into the cost considerations of custom Roman shades. Learn how factors like fabric type, size, lining, and control mechanism influence the price. Use our design tool to calculate costs and design your dream shades effortlessly.

Embracing Elegance: Roman Shades for Every Home

Embracing Elegance: Roman Shades for Every Home

Transform your living spaces into havens of elegance with the artful grace of Roman shades. Crafted meticulously and designed to perfection, these shades offer more than just window coverings – they are a statement of style and sophistication.

Unveiling the Charm of Roman Shades

Let the allure of Roman shades captivate your senses. Their distinct pleats and folds create a sense of depth and texture that adds a touch of luxury to any room. Explore the myriad of ways you can incorporate these window treatments to enhance your home's aesthetics.

Craftsmanship Meets Comfort: The Ultimate Roman Shade Guide

Embark on a journey of creativity as you discover the steps to master the craft of making your very own Roman shades. From selecting the ideal fabric to mastering the folding techniques, our comprehensive guide ensures that your shades turn out to be a masterpiece of both artistry and functionality.

Roman Shades: An Artful Marriage of Function and Style

Embrace the delicate balance of function and style that Roman shades offer. From the gentle cascade of Cascade Roman Shades to the clean lines of Flat Roman Shades, each style reflects a unique personality. Let your interior design aspirations shine through as you choose the one that resonates with you.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Roman Shades

Preserve the pristine beauty of your Roman shades with our expert cleaning tips. Learn how to keep your shades looking flawless and free from dust, ensuring that they remain a symbol of elegance in your home.

Elevate Your Home with Custom Roman Shades

Discover the transformative power of custom Roman shades. Tailored to your preferences, these shades provide an impeccable fit for your windows while offering benefits such as light control, energy efficiency, and a touch of eco-friendliness.

Effortless Elegance: The Control Mechanisms of Roman Shades

Immerse yourself in the world of control mechanisms for Roman shades. Whether you opt for the classic cord lock, the sleek cordless design, or the futuristic motorized option, each choice not only enhances functionality but also contributes to the overall aesthetic of your living spaces.

Finding the Fabric that Speaks to You

Selecting the perfect fabric for your Roman shades is an art in itself. Dive into the realm of linen blend, flax linen, and stylish patterns to discover the fabric that resonates with your personality and home décor.

The Versatility of Roman Shade Lining

Master the art of light manipulation with various lining options for your Roman shades. Choose No Lining for a sheer, airy ambiance, Privacy for a balance between light and solitude, or Blackout for ultimate light control and privacy.

Exploring the Investment: Cost of Roman Shades

Exploring the Investment: Cost of Roman Shades

Delve into the cost aspect of Roman shades and unveil the factors that contribute to the final price. Whether you're looking for affordability or indulgence, our pricing guide will help you navigate the options and choose a style that suits your budget.

A Window to Elegance: The World of Roman Shades Awaits

As you journey through the world of Roman shades, prepare to be enchanted by their beauty, versatility, and functionality. Whether you're seeking to make your own, explore the best options, or understand their benefits, our guide will illuminate every aspect of Roman shades, ensuring that you make an informed and inspired choice for your home.


  • Q: Can I use Roman shades in my bathroom?
    A: Yes, Roman shades are available in water-resistant fabrics, making them suitable for bathroom use.
  • Q: Are Roman shades easy to operate?
    A: Yes, Roman shades are easy to operate using pull cords or cordless mechanisms for a smooth lifting experience.
  • Q: Can I install Roman shades myself?
    A: Yes, with the right tools and instructions, you can install Roman shades as a DIY project.
  • Q: Can I customize the size of Roman shades for irregularly shaped windows?
    A: Yes, custom Roman shades can be tailored to fit specialty windows, including arched, bay, and French doors.
  • Q: Do Roman shades help with energy efficiency?
    A: Yes, Roman shades with insulating materials can help regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption.