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Custom Roman Shades

With Alva's custom fabric Roman shades, you can get the softness of drapery with the functionality of window shades. We offer the world's finest Belgian linen roman shades, featuring handcrafted pleats, and the most friendly service you will find anywhere. Alva believes that shopping should be a simple pleasure, so we bring humanity and attention to every detail.

From $223

Adored by interior designers for its style & simplicity.
Our best selling shade.

Customize Style
From $282

A perennial classic with nothing to prove.
Continuously fashionable.

Customize Style
From $310

⅜" pockets with dowel inserts, inspired by
traditional Japanese designs.

Customize Style
From $310

Highly functional and just a bit casual. It's smooth front
is tailored to fall into a gentle curve.

Customize Style
From $338

Dramatic with deep folds.
Perfect for stylish, modern interiors.

Customize Style
From $338

It's signature inverted pleats make
an elegant statement on a classic window.

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Finest Belgian Linen Roman Shades

We honor the art of making something by hand and quality fabric. Complete the look of every window in your home with the right set of custom Belgian Linen Roman Shades. They set the tone and pull the rest of your elements together for a modern, “finished” look. Fabric Roman shades can be the perfect option for bathrooms, playrooms, and kitchens where you don't want your fabric touching a wet or dirt-prone floor, as well as for windows with radiators or furniture below the sill. Speaking of kids: all of our custom roman shades are made to be child-friendly according to the latest safety standards.

Styles Of Roman Shade Window Treatments

Custom fabric Roman shades are available in several styles that can complement any interior design. Such a linen drapery looks great both in modern spaces and good old classic houses. To choose which kind of Roman shade window treatments you like, check out Alva's assortment.

  • Flat Roman Shades. Adored by interior designers for their style and simplicity. Flat Roman shades are perfect to show linen patterns and texture without any stitching. Linen flats are one of our best selling window treatments.
  • Cascade Roman Shades. Achieve a waterfall effect with these custom fabric Roman shades. A perennial classic with nothing to prove. Continuously fashionable.
  • Front Slat Roman Shades. ⅜" pockets with dowel inserts, inspired by traditional Japanese designs. Such linen Roman shades can bring a subtle touch of Asia into your interior.
  • Relaxed Roman Shades. Highly functional and just a bit casual Roman shades. The smooth front of relaxed linen shades is tailored to fall into a gentle curve creating a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Pleated Roman Shades. These fabric Roman shades create a dramatic effect with their deep folds. Mount them to complement any interior with custom window treatments.
  • Tulip Roman Shades. The signature inverted pleats make an elegant statement on classic windows. Just a piece of fabric will turn your room into a romantic and relaxed place.

If you still cannot decide which fabric Roman shades to choose for your place, here is a handy tip. Flat Roman shades look great in minimalist designs, whereas relaxed and tulip linen shades are more suitable for cozy rooms. Besides, you can use the style finder on Alva's website to automatically select optimum options.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Roman Shades?

Linen Roman shades are considered a timeless classic for a reason. Despite the change of interior design trends, they remain popular thanks to their simplicity and elegant style. Moreover, custom Roman shades have a range of other significant advantages:

  • Light control. Thanks to their folded-style, Roman shades allow you to regulate which part of windows is opened. You can fully close them at night to have a relaxed rest and open in the morning to enjoy the first sunbeams. Besides, Alva offers different types of fabric that permit more or less light based on your preferences. You can even order custom fabric with the full blackout.
  • Environmentally friendly. In the age when ecological problems become increasingly pressing, fabric Roman shades are the best solution. You can choose linen blend or flax linen to design natural shades for your home. It's also worth noting that Roman shades are energy-efficient since they help to regulate the level of heat in a room.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Compared to classic curtains, Roman shades of any type take much less fabric. Therefore, it's one of the best choices if you want to decorate windows but have a limited budget. Besides, the price varies for different control type options so you can choose any mechanism you prefer. For instance, cordless blackout shades will cost you less than motorized.
  • Easy to clean. The fabrics used for custom Roman shades are easy to clean from dust and other impurities. You can sweep them with a brush or use some water with mild soap to remove stains. Even white relaxed shades won't cause you any trouble.
  • Roman shades don't take much space. They look great both in large halls and tiny rooms. In the latter case, cordless Roman shade window treatments may be the only solution. Whereas curtains usually take a whole wall, cordless Roman shades are very compact and don't need any extra space.

This isn't an exhaustive list of all the advantages of Roman shades. Believes us, once you mount them, you will find additional benefits every day.

Control Types

The type of Roman shades control you choose will not only define your comfort. It also influences the future look and mounting of Roman shades. Here's what we offer:

  • Cord Lock. Control your Roman shades with a standard cord hanging of the right or left side at your choice.
  • Continuous Loop. Consider consistent length cord for massive and heavy shades.
  • Cordless. Hide the cord behind Roman shades to create a classy look.
  • Inside mount. Soft Roman Shades can be mounted with an Inside Mount to the inside of the window sill to create a tailored look. This mount is especially popular if you have decorative molding or minimal mounting space surrounding the windows.
  • Outside mount. Choose the side of windows where you want to mount Roman shades. No limitation - everything depends on your needs and preferences. An Outside Mount is where the Soft Roman Shade is mounted to the outside parameter of the windows. A benefit of the Outside Mount is that when the Soft Roman Shade is drawn it will stack above your windows and preserve an unobstructed view.
  • Motorized. Simplify your life with motorized control that can make your interior futuristic and unique. Lately, motorized custom Roman shades turn into a powerful trend.

Make sure to choose a control type carefully to achieve the expected ease-of-use. Besides, you need to take into account that the control mechanism is a critical factor in the final cost of Roman shades.

Types Of Fabrics

Once you have decided to order custom Roman shades, make sure to choose the right fabric. Alva offers three most common types that differ in texture, price, and patterns. Linen blend consists of linen and PES in customizable proportions and is a great budget choice for those who want to cut expenditures but still like a natural look. For the customers that crave maximum naturalness, we have flax linen Roman shades that are 100% linen. Besides, Alva has designed Сambria Roman shades with stylish patterns and mixed fabric composition.

Lining Types

Trying to offer maximum customization capabilities, Alva provides three lining options: No Lining, Privacy, and Blackout. Choose one of them to regulate the amount of light that enters your room. As you may have already guessed, No lining shades are manufactured from the chosen fabric without any lining. It's a basic solution that doesn't offer extra privacy. Therefore, if you need more control over light, it's better to choose the Privacy or Blackout type of lining. The Blackout design blacks out 99% of light and provides moderate sound insulation.

How Much Do Custom Roman Shades cost?

Alsa cooperates directly with fabric manufacturers to offer you the best price-quality ratio. Thanks to the years of experience in designing shades, we know how to fit your budget. Generally, Roman shades are more pricey than other types, yet everything depends on the size, type of fabric, lining, and control mechanism. For example, the motorized control or 100% flax linen will significantly increase the final price.

We try to provide extensive customization capabilities to allow any customer to find something for themselves. If you want to calculate the cost of Roman shades, use the design tool on our website. You will be able to test different colors and types of linen to see what you like most. Once you are satisfied with the final look and price, you can easily proceed with an order just in a few clicks.


  • Q: Can I use Roman shades in my bathroom?
    A: Yes, Roman shades are available in water-resistant fabrics, making them suitable for bathroom use.
  • Q: Are Roman shades easy to operate?
    A: Yes, Roman shades are easy to operate using pull cords or cordless mechanisms for a smooth lifting experience.
  • Q: Can I install Roman shades myself?
    A: Yes, with the right tools and instructions, you can install Roman shades as a DIY project.
  • Q: Can I customize the size of Roman shades for irregularly shaped windows?
    A: Yes, custom Roman shades can be tailored to fit specialty windows, including arched, bay, and French doors.
  • Q: Do Roman shades help with energy efficiency?
    A: Yes, Roman shades with insulating materials can help regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption.