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Window Curtains and Drapes

We sweat the small stuff. That's why we source the world's finest fabrics. That's why we consider (and reconsider) every last stitch and pleat. That's why our Belgian Linen Drapes and Curtain Panels are the perfect compliment for your modern home.

From $187

Rod pocket drapes are versatile and timeless, with endless variations that work...

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From $324

Sleek and beautiful, no matter the fabric choice.
Made to exacting standards.

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From $357

Simple, yet functional. Glides effortlessly
along a custom track (included).

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From $448

For a distinctly modern look.
Featuring deep folds, and hand pressed grommets.

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From $324

From the tradition-honed hands of European artisans.
A beautiful modern choice for your interior.

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From $324

Hand-stitched classic pleats, creating that
elegant free-falling appearance.

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Custom Drapery Panels, Milled by Europe's Finest

Inspired by a long tradition of European craftsmanship, Alva is a modern window treatments company making "custom" - accessible. Each and every Belgian Linen drape is crafted by hand using the same methods and factories that produce for the world's preeminent interior designers and architects.

It is easy to see why linen drapes are a staple window treatment. Such blackout panels fulfill many roles beyond light control and privacy. One of them is adding depth and warmth to space. They also serve to refresh a room without large, drastic changes to your style or color palette. With ivory or white drapery panels, your house will look much more spacious and bright, whereas exclusive burgundy or silver curtains can bring splendor.

The key to the custom drapes, though, is the perfect length. Appropriate lengths for bathrooms, kitchens, and window seats include right at, or just below the window sill. For casual settings, Cafe curtains are superb. These curtains cover only a portion of the window, typically the bottom two-thirds. It is a very light and airy curtain, beautifully constructed and designed to let in a lot of light. For more formal settings of living or dining areas, consider more substantial draperies in texture and weight.

Alva's heirloom quality Belgian linen drapes are exceptionally durable. Not unlike leather, it's one of the few fabrics that actually gets better with age! It becomes softer, smoother, and more lustrous. It lasts up to 12 times as long as cotton. And, most importantly, its elegant simplicity makes a modern home, a better home.

Styles Of Drapes and Curtains

Nice interior design is always about details and choices. The same relates to custom window drapes and curtains. There are so many variations of linen drapery panels that you may be surprised or even confused. Surprised because it's always pleasant to have control over every detail - drapery type, blackout level, lining, fabrics, curtains width. Why confused? Basically, for the same reason. When you end up in the store, it may be challenging to pick the linen drapes or curtains that fit your house best.

Nevertheless, such subtleties as pleats and rails can make your linen window treatments truly unique. That's why Alva offers several classic types of drapery panels for light filtering and privacy.

  • Euro Pleat Drapes. Sleek and beautiful, regardless of the fabric you pick. Made to exacting standards, euro pleat drapes and curtains have a very beautiful pleated top. They are slightly pinched to fall freely towards the floor. Whatever you choose, flax linen or Belgian sheer style, the design of these custom window drapes is timeless.
  • Pinch Pleat Drapes. Hand-stitched classic pleats, creating the elegant free-falling appearance, are similar to euro pleat drapes. The curtain hooks are usually pierced at the back of the curtains, which makes them almost invisible. This kind of pleated drapery panels is adored by customers who prefer minimalist designs.
  • Grommet Drapes. These curtains boast a distinctly modern look. Featuring deep folds and hand pressed grommets, such drapery panels can enhance any contemporary interior. Since Alva uses sheer Belgian linen and accessories, the grommets will serve you for many years. Although this type of custom drapes may provide slightly weaker blackout than pinch pleated curtains, they are still great for moderate sun blocking.
  • Ripple Fold Drapes. Simple, yet functional - That's how we would like to describe these window drapes. They glide effortlessly along a custom track (included). It's so easy you may even get too excited. Many designers are loyal fans of ripple fold drapes because they know that these curtains can create a unique style in every room. Besides, opaque ripple fold drapery is highly effective if you need extra darkening.
  • Inverted Pleat Drapes. Alva has created a customer drapery design for those who like unusual solutions. Inverted pleat drapes stand out from other types of curtains with their flat surface - the folds are hidden. Despite their look, these sheer drapery panels are easy to maintain and clean.

If you still have doubts about what window treatments work best for your room, try experimenting with our Style Finder. Alva's cheerful bot will ask you a set of questions to generate the most suitable window treatments based on the input.

Control Types

If you want to select from many control types, including motorization, consider ordering window shades. When it comes to curtains and drapes everything is classic. Yes, certain things remain unchanged, which is great. Of course, some kinds of drapery panels may have grommets as well as different rails and mounting, but they are operated in the same way. You just need to smoothly slide the fabric to open or close a curtain.

How Much Do Window Drapes Cost?

The cost of custom drapes and curtains depends on three main factors: style, size, and lining. At Alva's website, the cheapest option starts at $324. At this price, you can order basic Euro, Pinch, or Inverted Pleat drapes. In case you would like to add a lining for additional blackout, the price will increase. Grommet drapes are the most expensive option with a $448 initial price. They are more complicated to manufacture, which influences the check amount.

If you want to estimate an approximate cost of your new window treatments, you can do this at our website. Click Customize Style at the necessary type of drapes and go through several steps to learn the result.

What Are The Advantages Of Window Drapes and Curtains?

The truth is that custom curtains and window drapes are something a person can live without. Nevertheless, most people readily order drapery panels and spend a decent part of their budgets to decorate windows. They go to shops and online stores, look through numbers of samples, and spend a lot of time trying to pick drapes. What for? Custom linen curtains are synonymic to comfort. Empty windows destroy the atmosphere of privacy, which is crucial to feeling relaxed and protected. Besides, drapery panels have a range of other benefits, including:

  • Sun blocking. Custom drapes are one of the most beautiful ways to achieve sun blocking. They will protect your furniture and decor from the damaging impact of UV rays, which can cause discoloration and deformation.
  • Numerous styles and designs. At Alva's website, you can choose from euro pleated, pinch pleated, grommet, ripple fold, and inverted pleat drapes. Moreover, within each style, there are ample opportunities to experiment with colors and textures. This allows you to easily fit the curtains into your interior.
  • Customized blackout level. All of our window drapes and curtains can be manufactured with three types of linings - from almost transparent to opaque. The full blackout lining helps to achieve 99% darkening and the highest privacy possible.
  • Energy efficiency. In winter, thick drapes and curtains effectively keep the heat and make your house warmer. It's also an excellent cost-effective solution since you can cut your bills and use less natural resources.
  • Simple way to enhance the design. In case you want to bring more color or elegance to your interior, experiment with curtains and drapes. It's an inexpensive way to change or renovate a room. Besides, Alva provides up to five swatches with free shipping to help you better understand what you want.

These and other advantages have convinced many people to order and install custom curtains. They had to spend a lot of time on the decision-making and purchase, but you can do everything much easier in Alva's online store. Tailor the style of drapery panels right on our web page and use Alva's help resources to install your new window treatments.

Is There Any Difference Between Drapes and Curtains?

Although many people use these two words interchangeably, there is a minor difference worth mentioning. Window drapes are usually associated with something more opaque and heavy. They provide strong blackout and sound insulation. On the other hand, curtains are much lighter than drapes. They are produced from sheer materials and can even be transparent. Thanks to Alva's advanced customization capabilities, the fine line between drapes and curtains doesn't exist. You can tailor everything - from fabric to lining.

Types Of Fabrics

Alva's collection is milled from high-quality Belgian materials that are renowned for their durability. All the styles of drapes and curtains are available in 100% linen. We know that some other retailers manufacture drapes from cheap synthetic materials, and we deliberately avoid this practice. Linen curtains and eсologically clean and safe. You can mount them in your bedroom or nursery to create a natural design and be sure no harmful substances affect your health.

Since linen (especially white and beige) doesn't always provide the required blackout, Alva can enhance it with lining. Such custom curtains and drapes ensure much stronger sun blocking and filtering - up to 99%. The higher the blackout level, the more privacy you enjoy.