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Solar Window Shades

Prevent damaging UV rays from entering your home while still preserving your view with energy-saving solar shades and sun shades. Our solar window shades are designed to block glare and to reduce heat entering your home. This makes such roller shades a perfect choice for media rooms and coastal homes.

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Solar Shades For Blocking UV Rays and Maintaining Your View

Solar Shades For Blocking UV Rays and Maintaining Your View

Although most people love sunbathing and sunny weather, everything changes when it comes to your home. Sun can be devastating to your interior design, furniture, and decor. UV rays have a powerful damaging effect on wood and fabric, causing darkening or permanent discoloration. Because of constant sun exposure, a closet you bought two years ago may already look dull and weary today. Solar window shades with heat blocking functionality can remedy this situation. Thanks to special fabrics, such window roller shades absorb the major portion of sun rays and reduce glare.

Besides, roller solar shades are an excellent option to preserve a nice view from your window. These window shades are easy to regulate so you can achieve the necessary openness depending on the position of the sun and your preferences. In addition to that, roller solar shades are designed with different levels of transparency. You can achieve moderate sunlight blocking with transparent or translucent fabrics or get 99% blackout with full light blocking. Heat blocking roller shades are available with a continuous loop or a motorized mechanism for remote control.

Experience Comfort with the Finest Solar Shades

Introducing the ultimate solution for sun protection and style: solar shades. Alva's exquisite range of solar shades combines cutting-edge technology with aesthetic excellence, ensuring your home is shielded from harmful UV rays while maintaining its elegant appeal.

Enhanced Sun Blocking with Solar Shades

Protect your interior design, furniture, and decor from the damaging effects of relentless sunlight. UV rays can cause wood and fabrics to fade and lose their luster. With our advanced solar window shades, you can achieve optimal sun blocking and glare reduction. Specially designed fabrics absorb a significant portion of sun rays, preserving the integrity of your living space.

Preserving Your View with Solar Roller Shades

Solar roller shades offer a unique advantage by preserving your outside view while safeguarding against UV rays. Easily adjust the openness of the shades to accommodate varying sunlight levels and personal preferences. Our solar roller shades come in different levels of transparency, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between natural light and protection. Choose from various options, including blackout shades, continuous loop or motorized mechanisms.

Exploring Solar Window Shade Styles

Exploring Solar Window Shade Styles

The style of solar window shades harmonizes form and function flawlessly. These shades prioritize solar heat protection without compromising on design. For a personalized touch, experiment with fabrics and patterns. Alva presents two signature collections of solar shades:

  1. Basic Solar Shades: Available in popular colors like white, linen, and brown, these UV-blocking roller shades blend seamlessly with any decor. Offering 90-95% UV ray blockage, they combine efficiency with a natural look.
  2. Designer Solar Shades: Elevate your interiors with our designer collection, perfect for those seeking a touch of uniqueness. These shades feature intricate patterns and styles, offering the same high level of heat protection as the basic collection.

To find your ideal solar shade style, use our Customize Style tool on the website. It allows you to visualize different fabric and pattern combinations, aiding in your decision-making process.

Control Types for Solar Shades: Traditional and Modern

Choose between traditional continuous loop and modern motorized control mechanisms for your solar shades. Your choice should align with your preferences, location, and budget. Here's a glimpse of each:

  1. Continuous Loop: Operated by a pulley and cord, this budget-friendly option is ideal for those looking for straightforward functionality.
  2. Motorized Control: Embrace technological advancement with motorized solar shades. Battery-powered and equipped with a remote, they offer convenience and child safety. Adjust your shades remotely for optimal comfort.
  3. Inside/Outside Mount: Customize your installation within or outside the window frame, catering to your space and preference.

Both continuous loop and motorized solar shades ensure blackout and privacy, providing versatile solutions for different settings.

The Benefits of Solar Window Shades

The Benefits of Solar Window Shades

Solar shades offer relief from scorching heat and blazing sun, transforming your living experience. They grant you greater control over natural light and privacy, especially if you opt for motorized shades that can be adjusted remotely. Enjoy several other advantages:

  1. UV Protection and Filtering: Solar shades gently filter light, reducing glare and blocking UV rays to maintain a comfortable ambiance while safeguarding your furnishings.
  2. Diverse Design Options: Solar shades are available in a range of styles and openness levels, ensuring a clear outside view while providing protection.
  3. Ideal for Large Windows: Wide-width fabric options make solar shades an effective solution for large windows.
  4. Motorized Convenience: Experience privacy and security at the touch of a button with motorized solar shades, even from a distance.
  5. Durability: Widely used in commercial spaces, solar shades are known for their longevity and performance.

These benefits extend to various settings, making solar window shades an ideal choice for homes, offices, and public spaces.

Fabric Choices for Maximum UV Protection

Fabric Choices for Maximum UV Protection

Both basic and designer solar shades are engineered with a focus on UV protection. Alva's basic collection consists of 35% fiberglass and 65% vinyl, ensuring effective heat protection at affordable prices. Designer shades feature a blend of PVC and polyester in varying proportions, combining durability with aesthetic appeal.

Solar Window Shade Pricing

Solar Window Shade Pricing

The cost of solar window shades varies based on size, fabric, and control type. Basic solar shades start from $163, while designer options begin at $199. Motorized shades may incur an additional cost of $525. Use our website's customization tool to estimate the final price based on your preferences.

Elevate Your Home with Solar Shades

Elevate Your Home with Solar Shades

Experience the harmony of style and protection with Alva's solar shades. Your home deserves the finest in both aesthetics and functionality, and our solar shades deliver the perfect balance. Transform your space into an oasis of comfort and elegance while safeguarding it from the sun's harsh effects.

Styles Of Solar Window Shades

Solar roller shades are pure simplicity with advanced sun blocking and UV rays filtering. Their style reflects their primary function - protection from solar heat. If you want to customize the look of solar roller shades, you can experiment with fabrics and patterns. Alva offers two collections to heat blocking roller shades:

  • Basic Solar Shades These UV blocking roller shades are available in all popular colors, including white, white linen, linen, brown chocolate, or white pearl. Such blackout solar shades look great on any window and block from 90 to 95% of UV rays. Heat blocking roller shades will also match any indoor design thanks to the natural look and basic fabric patterns.
  • Designer Solar Shades Alva's designer heat blocking roller shades is a special collection created for customers that value uniqueness. They bring exquisiteness to any interior with the same level of heat filtering as basic solar shades. You can select symmetric honeycombs or opt for elegant scrolls available in a classic color palette.

To understand which style of UV blocking solar shades is the best option for filtering solar heat at your place, use our Customize Style functionality. This tool allows you to see how different fabrics and patterns look on a window, pick continuous loop or motorized roller shades, and add accessories.

Note that the basic collection of sun filtering roller shades is usually recommended for offices and other official settings. On the other hand, designer roller shades may become an excellent option for residential areas.

Traditional and Motorized Control Types

Heat blocking roller shades are available with two control types: continuous loop and motorized. Your choice should depend on your preferences, financial capacities, and the location of the window. For example, in some cases, windows are so hard to reach that electric, motorized solar shades are the only option. Here are some main characteristics of continuous loop and motorized control types:

- Continuous loop. Such heat blocking roller shades are operated with a pulley and an endless cord attached to it. This control type is a budget choice that is usually manufactured from polyester or other inexpensive materials.

- Motorized control. Electric roller shades are the top choice for tech-savvy customers who like to use technological advances in interior designs. They are also child and pet safe it if matters for you. Motorized solar shades are powered by batteries and are supplied with a remote that has up to five channels. Just imagine: You can lower heat blocking shades in the morning without getting out of your bed. Isn't that great?


- Outside/Inside Mount. You can choose to install continuous loop or motorized solar shades within your window frame or outside it.

Both continuous loop and motorized heat blocking solar shades provide the same level of blackout and privacy. In case you aren't sure which control type to order, don't hesitate to consult with Alva's professionals.

What Are The Advantages Of Solar Window Shades?

Sun filtering roller shades can rescue you from the everyday heat of a hot climate or blazing summer days. They bring comfort to your home and give better control over privacy. Especially, if you order motorized sun shades that can be opened and lowered remotely from anywhere in the room. Here are some other benefits of traditional and motorized solar window shades:

  • Sun blocking and filtering. Heat protection solar shades gently filter and diffuse light to create just the right ambience, block UV rays, and reduce room temperatures.
  • Variety of electric solar shades designs. Heat blocking sun shades come in a wide range of styles and openness levels - the higher the openness factor and the darker the fabric, the clearer your view.
  • Best heat protection for large windows. Most fabrics are available in wide widths, making them an effective solution for covering large windows.
  • Electric, motorized control type. You can install motorized sun shades to enhance your home's privacy and safety at the touch of a button - even remotely!
  • Ultimate durability in indoor spaces. Sun blocking shades are durable and widely used by commercial entities such as restaurants, office buildings, and retail chains. Even motorized sun shades installed in public spaces and continuously used by many people won't fail you.

These are just some of the strengths of traditional and motorized solar window shades. Among other things, indoor sun shades can also ensure better privacy, reduce electricity bills, and decorate your room. You will definitely find more benefits once you install such roller shades in your home, office, or any other room.

Types Of Fabrics

The fabrics used for both basic and designer solar shades have one common characteristic - 90% or higher blackout. Effective protection from sun exposure is in the essence of any heat blocking solar shades. Generally, Alva's basic collection is made of the combination of 35% fiberglass and 65% vinyl. This allows us to provide quality heat protection at bargain prices. The designer solar shades are manufactured from PVC and polyester in variable proportions. These types of fabrics have proven to be the best materials for blocking UV rays, reducing glare and heat.