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  • Measure the window opening inside the frame from left to right, at the top, to determine width.
  • Round down to the nearest 1/8".
  • Use the smallest smallest for ordering.
  • Measure the window opening from top to bottom as shown to determine length.
  • Round up to the nearest 1 ⁄8”.
  • Use the largest measurement for ordering.
  • Measure depth of the window frame at the top of the window, where the shade will be installed.
  • If there is an obstruction lower down (for example, a handle or crank), measure from the obstruction to the window frame and use that measurement.
  • Headrail depth is determined by your control method. Please refer to the specs below. For information use only.
  • Measure the opening of the window and add atleast 1" to each side.
  • We will make no deductions from your measurement.
  • If between obstructions (i.e. Shelves or Cabinets) please deduct at least 3/8".
  • Measure atleast 2-3" above the window opening, down to where you want the blinds to sit.
  • We will make no deductions from your measurement.



Mount Details

Inside Mount

Fits within your window opening. Suggested if you plan to layer drapes or a cornice over your shades.

We will make a 1/8” deduction from your width to ensure usability.

Please don't make your own deductions.

Outside Mount

Installed above the window on the trim or wall. Use on doors. Will be made in the exact size your specifiy.

Mount Details

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Control select
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Metal Valance

Metal Valance with Fabric Insert


Continuous Loop



Power Type: Battery

Is the strongest & quietest motor available in the market.The battery is eco-friendly and only needs to be recharged appox. once a year. No need for an electrician!

Power Type :
Remote Name :
Motor Position :
Channel(s) :



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Matte White
Anodized Steel

Dim Out Zebra Shades


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What Applications Work Best with Roller Shades?

With a clean, neutral appearance, Blackout Roller shades work well in almost any setting, from modern to traditional. Placed behind your Linen Drapes, they add an extra layer of privacy and style to your room. And if you have gorgeous views, roller shades are a particularly good choice because, when raised, they totally disappear into the headrail. The really great thing about roller shades is that they can be mounted a number of ways. An inside mount highlights your windows—but keep in mind, there may be a small light gap on the sides of the shade. An outside mount covers the window frames. And a ceiling mount can make your room actually seem taller.

Are Motorized Shades reliable? How Long Do They Last?

Alva Motorized Shades are just as reliable as standard window treatments. But keep in mind that battery operated shades will need to be charged periodically depending on usage. Most standard window treatments have an average lifespan of 3-10 years. How often you are using your blinds or shades can also have an impact on their longevity.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Each Alva Roller Shade is custom made to order by our skilled craftspeople, specifically for your home. We work hard to deliver your window coverings as soon as possible, and have pieces ready for delivery in 12-15 business days from order unless otherwise noted. With increased demand as well as shipping delays due to COVID-19 and port congestion, our production and delivery processes occasionally are taking 14-18 business days. In some cases, there will be a delay from when your shipping label is created, and when UPS actually picks up the item from our warehouse.

What do I do if I believe my product is defective?

If your merchandise has been damaged in shipment, or has any manufacturer defects, notify us within 14 calendar days after delivery to your home and we'll have the damaged merchandise either repaired or replaced at no cost to you. Our Quality team will evaluate next steps based on photos of the piece. If you do not notify us within this 14-day period, we won't be able to do so. All damaged shipments must be signed for as damaged.

Why does Alva Roller Shades cost so much less than other manufacturers?

We believe Custom Roller Shades should be accessible to everyone! That’s why we paid just as much attention to the final cost as we did to developing innovative manufacturing techniques and top-of-the-line fabrics while building the Alva Roller Shade. And it’s why we continue to work closely with our shipping and fabric mill partners to keep prices low. We really do pass those savings right on to you.

How does Alva Roller Shades differ from other companies like The Shade Store or Hunter Douglas?

While window shades of comparable quality can be found with other manufacturers, we are proud to offer our heritage quality pieces to the online customer in a way that has never been done before. That is what really sets Alva Roller Shades apart – we will always be offering the best possible value to our customers by eliminating all additional costs (showrooms, salesperson, catalogs, etc.) and shipping directly to our customers through our online model. Along with eliminating the costs you would incur through a local store or big box retailer, we offer additional value through complimentary shipping as well as the added comfort of our return policy.

What will I pay for shipping?

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all products under 94" in width when shipped within the contiguous United States. For oversized products (94" or over in width), we'll contact you by phone and email to collect a shipping fee.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Each Alva Roller Shade is custom made to order by our skilled craftspeople, specifically for your home. We work hard to deliver your window coverings as soon as possible, and have pieces ready for delivery in 12-15 business days from order unless otherwise noted. With increased demand as well as shipping delays due to COVID-19 and port congestion, our production and delivery processes occasionally are taking 14-18 business days. In some cases, there will be a delay from when your shipping label is created, and when UPS/Fedex actually picks up the item from our warehouse.

How will my Roller Shades be delivered?

Most of our products are ground shipped directly to your home using UPS or Fedex. Oversized products are shipped via freight carrier and can currently only be delivered curbside. These freight carriers may take a little longer to complete deliveries, but we promise it will be worth the wait. Customers may be responsible for any added charges regarding additional requests such as in-home delivery, remote area delivery, etc. Canadian customers may also be subject to brokerage fees, depending on the chosen delivery method.

Can I make changes to my order after it has been placed? Is it possible to cancel an order?

Because our products are custom made to your exact specifications, they are not suitable for resale in the ordinary course of business. Therefore, it is important that you are sure of your decisions before you finalize your purchase. We are happy to change or cancel orders as long as you contact us within 3 hours from the date and time the order was submitted to us. Address changes are not permitted once we have shipped your product.

What makes your fabrics special?

We source our materials from the world's leading textile mills in Belgium, Barcelona, & throughout Asia. By partnering directly with these suppliers, we’re able to offer designer-level quality and unique Performance technologies previously unseen at our price point. When editing our assortment, we seek out beauty, softness, and durability. You’ll find our fabrics offer a great feel and beautiful drape while standing up to your lifestyle. All our fabrics meet the industry’s highest marks for durability.

Are Motorized Blinds worth it?

Motorization is not just reserved for your techie friends. It can definitely be a worthwhile investment in the comfort and efficiency of any home. Plus it is especially worth it for tall windows, windows that are high up or otherwise difficult to reach.

Rooms with lots of windows that need to be opened and closed regularly can benefit from motorization too. You can easily program your shades to be raised together at the same time.

What if I measure incorrectly?

If you find that your measurements were slightly off don't fret! We will work with you to find the best solution. If your window treatment is too wide, we may be able to cut it down in width to the proper size for you at no charge (but that depends upon the product, fabric and width). If it cannot be cut down, or it’s a different issue, such as the product is too narrow, or the length is incorrect – we will allow you to purchase a new product in the correct dimensions at 50% off. (Offer valid for 30 days after order ship date and must be replacing the original window treatment purchased).

Can I just measure my old window treatments?

No. Because deductions were taken at the factory on your old custom blinds, you will not get the exact fit you need when you order new ones.

Should I round up or down 1/8" on my window measurements?

If your window measurements fall between eighths of an inch, round down to the nearest 1/8" for width and round up to the nearest 1/8" for height. For example: Width: 54-1/16" would round down to 54". Height: 54-1/16" would round up to 54-1/8".

What is the difference between 'min flush-mount depth' and 'min inside-mount depth'?

How deep (or shallow) your window is determines whether you can install, or mount, your covering as an inside or outside mount. "Minimum flush-mount depth" is the depth needed to mount the product fully into the recess of the window. This means that the product will not protrude from the window opening, so it appears flush with your wall. The "minimum inside-mount depth" is the depth of flat mounting space needed to securely install the product inside the window. If your window does not meet the minimum inside-mount depth, the product cannot be installed as an inside mount. If your window meets the minimum inside-mount depth but not the minimum flush-mount depth, the product will not be flush with the window opening and wall.

What are Dim Out Zebra Shades

Dim Out Zebra Shades are a unique type of window covering that combines style and functionality. As the name suggests, these curtains feature a bold zebra stripe print in black and white or other colors. But more than just a fashion statement, Zebra Shades effectively block light and provide insulation.

The innovative layered construction allows these blinds to prevent up to 95% of outside light from entering a room, making them true room-darkening window treatments. The dense fabric and thermal backing also help regulate indoor temperatures by providing insulation from cold and heat. So Dim Out Shades not only look great, but they enhance comfort and privacy as well.

Materials and construction

The multi-layered construction of Dim Out Zebra Shades is engineered for maximum light-blocking effectiveness and insulation:

The combined effect of these carefully engineered materials is window shades that successfully dim a room and moderate its environment. The blinds prevent heat and cold transfer through the window for added energy efficiency as well.

Types of management and settings

Room darkening zebra shades provide customizable control over your indoor lighting and privacy. You can adjust the covering to filter the exact amount of outside light that enters to suit your needs.

Partially raising the curtains enables moderate outdoor views and airflow while maintaining some dimming and insulation. For full blackout conditions like sleeping or blocking harsh light, fully lowering the blinds uses the room darkening and light-blocking technology to its fullest.

The shades feature reliable control settings like cordless operation or wands/rods. This allows easy raising, lowering, and angling of the treatments to control both privacy and lighting. You can rely on the durable construction to keep the room dimming settings you choose without shifting.

Benefits of using Dim Out Zebra Shades

The zebra blinds room darkening feature ensures a perfect balance of privacy and natural light, making them an ideal choice for bedrooms and media rooms. Some top benefits that the shades offer include:

Installation and Care

Installing and caring for room darkening zebra blinds is straightforward with just a few steps to follow.

  1. Measurement: Take precise width and length measurements of each window you intend to install shades on. This ensures the custom-fit curtains will cover the windows fully when mounted. Consider if you prefer inside or outside mounts as well.
  2. Mounting Options: These shades allow for inside mounts nestled within window frames or outside mounts around moldings/walls. Inside mounts provide a tidy appearance that shows only the shade material itself. Outside mounts offer coverage for hard-to-fit specialty windows and show off decorative trim.
  3. Installation: Use the mounting brackets, screws, and tools included to correctly install each shade based on the type of mount selected. Carefully center and align the shades in place over each window and attach everything securely.
  4. Maintenance: Occasionally dust the shades with a soft cloth or vacuum brush attachment to keep them clean. Use a damp cloth to spot and treat any stains or marks. Always gently lift and lower the shades when operating them to prevent damage over time. Avoid exposing the curtains to moisture or direct sunlight when raised.

Order Dim Out Zebra Shades right now here

The striking blackout zebra blinds provide a beautiful style with total light blocking for daytime sleeping, home theater rooms, and enhanced privacy whenever you want it. Rely on the dim-out shades to transform harsh or cold environments into dimmed, comfortable spaces. Stay comfortable year-round with the room-darkening abilities and insulating qualities of these innovative zebra blinds room darkening.

Experience the transformation that Dim Out Zebra Shades can bring to your space. Visit HelloAlva to explore our range of window treatments. With quality craftsmanship and elegant design, these shades are a worthwhile investment for any home or office. Order yours today and step into a world of refined comfort and style.