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Smart Blackout Shades

Smart Blackout Shades

Regular price $289.00

Alva IQ™ Smart Blackout Shades are an affordable & easy way to automate your window coverings. Thoughtfully designed, our motorized blackout shades are conveniently controlled from a handheld remote or from anywhere in the world with your smartphone or tablet. The width includes a ½ inch deduction (industry standard). The height reaches 72”.

What's Included:

1 x Blackout Shade

1 x Remote Control

1 x Battery Charger

Snow White

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From our craftsmen to your home, within 13 Days.

Designed In Barcelona

Euopean design & outstanding quality are the two hallmarks of Alva.

30 Day Returns

Live with your blackout shades for 30 days – if you're not in love, we'll pick it up.

Motorized Blackout Shades,
Moving to Your Schedule

Nothing says convenience like connecting your Automated Blackout Shades to your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Google Assistant. Alva IQ Motorized Shades maximize the benefits that they provide, such as energy savings, privacy, comfort, and convenience.

Free Blackout Swatch Kit

Motorized window treatments do more than simply cover a window.

Create custom rooms, scenes, & timers to enable efficient or automatic shade control based on time, weather or schedule.

Simplify Your life

Create scenes with your shade placement to match time of day, the position of the sun, or to suit your moods. Schedule them for energy efficiency or make your own "Movie Night Scene" that turns on the TV and speakers and closes the shades.

Save Money

If you are interested in maximizing your home’s energy efficiency, automated window shades are a convenient way to save energy and money, all while creating a more pleasant home environment.

Understated Cool

Alva IQ is the ultimate pairing of traditional techniques and contemporary style. Our aluminum Enclosure is Matte White, easy to install, without any visible screws. Premium installation brackets makes sure there is almost no light gap between ceiling or wall and the Enclosure itself.

Less Markup, More Design

A common misconception: the more you pay, the more you get. But the truth is you’re paying for more markup. Not better design. We trimmed the fat from motorized shades. So you get automated window coverings at fair and honest prices.

Dimensions & Details

Why choose Alva IQ?

  • Safe by Design: Choosing a motorized shade eliminates the requirement for a chain or cord, making them safe for kids.
  • Easy DIY installation: Our motorized range is easy to install with no wiring.. Simple installation and operating instructions mean your blind is installed and fully functional in no time. /
  • Easy to Operate: Our sleek 1 or 15 channel remote options come pre-programmed.

Product Details

Fabric Weave A subtle texture capable of introducing depth and dimension to any room.
Composition 100% Polyester
Opacity 5/5 - Very Opaque
Fabric ID White
Motor Torque 1 Motor Torque
Motor Speed 40 Rpm
Voltage 12v
Battery Built-in, wirefree, rechargeable battery.
Enclosure Aluminum, in Matte White color.