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Inspiration & Fresh Ideas for your Home
4 Ways to Use Gray in your Interior Design

4 Ways to Use Gray in your Interior Design

A gray day can be drab and make the mood a little dispiriting. So why would you even think to bring that bleak color in your home? Because it can actually be a beautiful and seductive neutral. The color has been on trend for a while and rightly so as it is inherently calm and elegant. In the hands of decorative painters, designers and DIYers, the color can also become quite a stunning focal point. Basically, grey is everywhere today, and for good reason. It simply looks great no matter where you use it.


Watch out white, gray is quickly becoming the new neutral in window treatments and at ALVA, we think the color trend is definitely here to stay! From the pleated folds of a cascade roman shade to the steadfast vanes of natural wood blinds, gray has made its popularity known. How better to add a level of sophistication to a classically clean space then dressing the windows in soft, feathery grays? Or creating a whole lot of dramatic flair with floor to ceiling drapery in deep, moody charcoal? Here are a few favorite gray window treatment options from Alva.

Designing With Grey

Still not sure which grey works for you and your interior? ALVA can help! Get FREE product swatches delivered right to your door. Each sample is hand cut from actual production materials to help you really envision your custom blinds, shades, or drapes.


Almost every interior design discussion starts with one not-so-simple decision: wall color. And for ease of accessorizing and flexibility with future interior design choices, that typically means choosing a neutral – often white, off-white, or beige. Boring! Grey, meanwhile, is a bold neutral that can truly transform an interior more dramatically than white or beige.

After you decide to move in the “gray” direction, try considering the actual direction the room faces as this will have an impact on your choice of shade. Painting gray in a north-facing room will make it appear bluer, while a south-facing room gives a warmer touch.

And when it comes time to choose the perfect paint, remember that finish can have just as much of an impact as actual color. We like to work with flat paint – not semi-gloss or high-gloss for walls. As, you can sometimes end off with an industrial metal look, rather than something warm and inviting.

Living Space Inspiration


Not ready to change up your wall color? Consider stepping into any furniture store or purveyor of accents and you will be swathed in a rainbow of gray. Any option will do really. The lasting power of neutrals makes furnishings an obvious choice to easily integrate gray to your space. An offering of textured seating or a matte media console can quickly modernize a living room in need of revival.

Grey furniture is a simple and easy way to incorporate this color into your interior design. And because grey is a neutral, your new furniture will go with virtually any existing color scheme.

For other accessories, whether rugs, pillows, or really anything for that matter, break up those shades of grey with some well-chosen pattern and texture. This will help add layer and dimension to your interior.

Living Space Inspiration


Interestingly, most interior designers recommend “Starting with the rug,” to anchor the look and feel. There's just something about its inviting texture. A large good quality rug is often the perfect accessory to keep that living space up-to-date. But with so many designs and colors, it can often be difficult to make a decision.

Unless you have a clear and well thought out color scheme, a great place to start is by looking at a grey rug. You may ask, but why a grey rug? Well, we believe grey is one of most adaptable colors to design with. With this in mind, it’ll suit pretty much all interiors and perfectly complement your rooms overall aesthetic.

Living Space Inspiration

How will you use shades of gray in your design? We hope you can use this list for inspiration and add this calming and varied color into some aspect of your home’s aesthetic.


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