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5 Legit Reasons You Need Custom Drapery

5 Legit Reasons You Need Custom Drapery

There are heaps of different directions you can go in when it comes to refreshing your space for the new season — from a fresh coat of paint for a more modern color palette to new furniture. But few options are as cost-effective and impactful as custom drapery.

So what, exactly, makes custom drapery so worthy of your springtime attention? We’ve got 5 thoughts for you:

They’re Instantly Transformative

Whether you feel your home’s style has grown outdated, or you’re simply tired of the same ol’ design and are ready for an interior re-fresh, there’s nothing more effective to instantly infuse new life into your next design than with Belgian linen drapery. Given its endless versatility, there’s most definitely a perfect color choice to make your design sing!

Custom Drapery

Photo from Brook Wagner Design

They Get The Light Just Right

When you go custom, you’re in complete control of your environment. From materials that fit your lifestyle, to how you place them, and the many ways you can use them to filter light, preserve a view, insulate a space, block UV rays, & obviously create privacy. Achieving this level of performance and design, simply can’t done with standard-sized curtains. 

They Add Warmth To The Mix

Both literally and figuratively, Belgian linen is prized for its breath-ability and softness. Linen keeps your space cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it the natural choice for a living space or master bedroom.

They’ve A Knack For Cohesion

If you’re feeling like your space is looking a bit disjointed or lacking a clear design concept, custom drapery is a great way to tie your look together in a cinch. Opting for one with hues and tones that complement your furniture and color palette will ensure your space looks intentional and cohesive.

Custom Drapery

Photo from a1000xbetter

They Capture Your Personality

Whether you dream it up yourself or work with one of our expert interior designers to conceive the perfect solution for you, Alva’s custom drapes are beyond versatile. With our highly curated selection of Belgian linen fabrics, and wide array of style options, you’ll definitely be able to strike the perfect look.

So, are you ready to refine your space with a new custom drapery? Browse some of our newest styles . . .


Feature Photo from These Four Walls




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