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Inspiration & Fresh Ideas for your Home
Coastal Decoration Style? 3 Ideas to Make Your Beach-Renovation Come Alive

Coastal Decoration Style? 3 Ideas to Make Your Beach-Renovation Come Alive

Coastal style is light, breezy, usually with inspiration drawn from the 4S’s: Shells, sea, sky, and the sand.

Although rules are often meant to be broken, one that deserves repeating is to: Keep it subtle! The coastal feel best sets the ambiance when it’s not in your face, hitting you over the head, like a sack of potatoes. So, resist those dark hues, soft shades of blue, watery tints of aquamarine or pale green and a hefty helping of white make up the coastal palette. You’ll also find touches of sandy tan, and accents of navy blue, red or coral.

Coastal Decoration Style

Photo By Roost-Blog

For window treatments, you're going to take similar cues. Think light-colored Belgian linen, and natural roller shades. Consider using the euro pleat for your custom drapery, as it has a clean hang and will give off that effortless vibe. For your roller shades, using natural materials is both practical and stylish. Blue the lines between indoors and out, with grassweave, seagrass, jute materials, yet retain your privacy.

As for decoration, coastal style isn’t the place for shiny, perfect finishes on furniture! While the look should never be rundown or distressed, the goal is furniture that looks casual and easy, that doesn’t all match and that has a finish best described as “lived-in”. Just remember, Coastal furniture needs to stand up against salt air, wet bods, and sandy feet. Slipcovers, sturdy wood tables, wicker, and thick glass work beautifully and look just as good in Houston as they would in the Miami.


Feature Photo by the Roost-Blog

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