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Do I Have Enough Window Depth for Roman Shades?

Do I Have Enough Window Depth for Roman Shades?

So, you’ve been thinking about replacing your builder grades blinds that you’ve had since moving-in, huh? Great idea! And, if you’re at all considering mounting your shades or blinds inside the window frame, you’re going to want to double check your window depth. Should your windows not be deep enough, your roman shades or roller shades might not not fit exactly as you anticipated. We’ve seen this movie before, so we thought we’d share everything you need to know about window depth before ordering your roman shades online.

Are Your Windows Deep Enough to Install Roman Shades?

We love Roman Shades :) And, if this is your first run at ordering roman shades online, you might be asking “Why does depth matter for installation? In this case, we are referencing the amount of space inside a window opening from the front to back.  Let’s run though how to measure for this:

Steel Tape Measure

  • Grab a steel tape measure, and at the top of the window sill (where you’ll be mounting the brackets), extend the tape measure as far back as the roman shade can go, measuring down to the nearest 1/8th inch.
  • While you’re doing this, check the remaining area of the window for any obstructions that could get in your way (i.e. Cranks or Handles). If one is present, measure from the obstructions to the edge of the window frame.
  • Now, you’re ready to record your window depth measurement, and need to check it against the depth requirements for your Roman Shade you have in mind. These details can be found under the “The Specs” section on the specific style of product you’re considering.

On the product page, look at for the Minimum Inside Mount Depth Requirement and remember this varies by each product and control style you select. This is going to be the minimum amount of space the brackets need to be securely fastened to the window sill. You should now compare this requirement to be sure you have enough surface for the bracket to be installed. Be aware that your headrail may not be perfectly flush with the window. Compare this requirement with your measurement to be sure you have enough surface for the bracket to be installed. Be aware that your headrail may stick out from the window slightly.

Mounting Requirements
If having a perfectly flush roman shade is the most important to you… then please carefully check the “Fully Recessed Minimum Inside Mount Depth” requirement. This will essentially tell you what space you’re going to need to the headrail or cassette will be flush with the window opening. Here’s an example image of how a partially recessed roman shade sticks out beyond the window opening.

Cord Lock & Continuous Loop Control for Roman Shades

I’ve got super shallow window sills, what should I do?

So how can you tackle window sills that are really shallow? A couple of options here:

  • First, consider switching to an outside mount. Some of our Roman Shades can be made with side returns to cover any exposed headrail or brackets from showing.
  • Second, consider ordering your roman shade with a Slim Headrail. This option is one of our newest innovations, and can be requested by emailing us or calling one of our Design Advisors.

Flat Roman Shade with Slim Headrail

Want More Help With Window Depth or Measurements for your Roman Shades?

You can also find in-depth measurement instructions here. Need help finding the right product for your window depth or want an expert to double check your measurements? Talk to a Design Advisor: 786-340-0811.

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