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Nursery Window Treatment Ideas

Nursery Window Treatment Ideas

Well congratulations, you made it to parenthood! And here comes the next step - your nursery design!

When it comes to custom window treatments, we know there are countless amounts of beautiful options. But when we throw the new arrival into the mix, things start to get a little bit dicey. Decorating a nursery is meant to be an exciting process so you shouldn’t stress.

For starters, this room needs to create an environment that is soothing for a good night's sleep, comfortable for parents to tend their child, and be fun and safe for the newborn as he or she grows. While there are a few factors to consider, we can first start with choosing the right window treatments. Let us inspire you with a few ideas and some of our favorite window treatments for your nursery design.

Nursery Window Treatment Ideas

Photo by Leclair Decor

Coordinating Your Palette.

Designing a color palette for your new nursery is a fun way to get ready for your baby's arrival. You'll choose colors not only for your walls, but also for bed linens, window treatments, rugs, and miscellaneous accessories to build a look that creates the perfect environment for your new addition.

Color can bear personality to any room, and you want your baby's bedroom to be nurturing as well as cheery. For colors, you can go soft, bright, you can even use a combination of the two. Neutral shades or drapes can create a nice backdrop for any non-gender-specific nursery that will have even more staying power than pastel shades well into childhood as your baby grows. A room with neutral walls can be brightened by bringing in color with rugs, dressers and accessories.

When pulling your look together, keep in mind that designers will sometimes advise against having more than four large areas of color. Too many wall colors can be distracting and cause visual tension. Also, too much red, such as red walls, can confuse a small baby. The best colors for babies to wake up to are softer shades of blues, greens and pinks, these colors are known to develop at around the same time in a baby's eyes.

Blackout Drapery for a Better Nights Sleep.

We’re often asked how to handle window treatments in the nursery or child’s bedroom. Parents are concerned with light leaking into the room, which could keep their baby awake. Every parent wants their child to sleep soundly through the night and not wake up at the crack of dawn. While some children are just naturally better at sleeping than others, window shades, blinds or other window coverings just might help keep your little one on schedule.

During the waking hours, letting light flood the nursery creates a happy vibe in the room, while using blackout drapery for nap time is the perfect way to keep the darkness at bay for sleep. If you decide to use a lightweight fabric like linen or sheer, simply use a blackout lining.

Parents usually tell us that they need all the help they can get to help their newborn sleep. Blackout lining can help block evening and morning sun, hopefully allowing your baby to sleep a little longer.

Nursery Window Treatment Ideas

Photo by Posh Baby Center

A Quick Note On Safety.

As safe as today’s window coverings are compared to those of yesteryear, it’s still important for parents to take precautions to keep their children safe. This includes keeping beds, sofas, chairs and cribs away from windows, especially those with coverings that have cords. On a side note, you can opt for motorization. This means no operational cords for pets or curious children to get tangled up in. Also, you’ll be able to better protect your furniture, upholstery and wall art from fading by having the your motorized shades close automatically when the sun is at its peak. In addition to keeping your child safer, you won’t have to deal with messed up drapes or shades every day. Long curtains and draperies can’t be kept out of the child’s reach necessarily, but taking safety measures and making sure the hardware has been securely installed can keep your young baby or toddler from pulling the drapes down and getting tangled in them.


Featured Photo by A House and its Story

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