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Inspiration & Fresh Ideas for your Home
3 Easy Upgrades All Designers Use to Re-imagine A Bedroom

3 Easy Upgrades All Designers Use to Re-imagine A Bedroom

So you’re getting back from your summer vacation work is crazy and your bedroom lusts for the lush hotel digs, turkish waffle robes, and that pillow to comfortable to describe, don’t book your fall escape just yet! Cool, modern spaces like Hotel Sorella Citycentre or Farmer’s Daughter Hotel might seem over-the-top compared to your humble abode, but according to top interior designers, creating a more modern look is easier (and cheaper) that you probably think.

Seriously, without any renovation, and a few under-the-radar tweaks, you’ll have your sleep haven upgraded in time for a weekend staycation. These three designer-approved styling tips certify you don’t have to over-spend to create the modern bedroom of your dreams.

Dress the Bed

Staying at a fancy hotel is great for lots of reasons, but those beds have to be at the top of the list. You get the sense that every detail has been thought through, from the buttery-soft sheets to the evening turndowns. One item that will instantly upgrade your space, is opting for two sheets and folding the edge of the top over the duvet. Since you might be opting to invest in a new set of sheets, may we suggest you consider something beyond the classic white set. Linen or Organic Cotton sheets in shades of gray, toast, and slate are as modern as white, and much easier to upkeep.

Organic Cotton Sheets from Boll & Branch

 Photo by Boll & Branch

Replace your Blinds with Custom Window Treatments.

Ready-made window draperies hung on expandable rods is definitely the fastest ticket to cheapen the look of your bedroom! However, with a little research and reasonable costs, you can find drapery rods in various sizes that will fit your windows perfectly. When it comes to drapes, our favorite designers use a combination of blackout roller shades mounted inside the window frame. This makes it so so you never have to move your drapes. Plus, if you order them “reverse” or “waterfall style”, you’ll give the window a nice focal point where the shade unrolls toward you, making a for a seriously finished look.

Custom Window Treatments

Photo by Austin Bean Design

Add a Salon-Style Artwork Gallery.

Many of us understand that adding art to a room can drastically alter its appearance. But there are so many ways you can use art to make a visual impact; making the decision on where to hang can be overwhelming. We suggest experimenting with differing styles placed together – perfect correlation of sizes is unnecessary, so combine different textures, framed/unframed, prints and dimensions to create a melange of formats and features. And, if you actually start in the middle and work outwards, you can add to your collection without continually having to re-configure your gallery wall.

Interior Wall Art

Photo by Sean Anderson Design


Feature Photo by Sarah Rosenhaus

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