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6 Designer Tips to Master the Modern Farmhouse

6 Designer Tips to Master the Modern Farmhouse

There’s good reason as to why so many of us continue to fall head head-over-heels for the rustic modern farmhouse style. When the fast-paced world gets to be a little overbearing, turning your space into a homey oasis with modern farmhouse decor might not be such a bad idea after all. The styles unique take on comfort and simplicity embodies an aura that will make anyone feel at home, even if you’ve never set foot on the farm. These innovative takes on rustic modern farmhouse living will have you yearning for a pendleton blanket and that steaming hot cup of joe.

Below are six tips to pulling off a modern farmhouse design, be sure to keep these tips at the top of your mind as you work on your projects and interiors. With any luck, you’ll be able covet that perfect balance of modern flair and classic comfort.

Practicality Always Comes First

When you consider the full particulars of the farm life, it’s no surprise that practicality always runs the roost. While functionality and usage should always be considered an integral part of the design process, in this case, it needs to be your first point of consideration.

As for how to make that happen we go back go to the basics where planning is key. Before you start getting into the nitty-gritty of your design, take a moment to look at the space. Consider all details like the flow of the room, the lighting, and how the furniture will be arranged. Consider what’s going to work and what isn’t, as well as what changes you can make in order to make ease-of-use and convenience your first priority.

Then, once you’re ready to start gathering and assembling your design elements, remember that function should be your primary focus. Let your furniture and storage options take the main stage in the room, above the decorative elements.

Mastering the Modern Farmhouse

Never Grow Tired of a Neutral Color Palette

Have you painted a room a bold, bright color? If you did, how long did it take for you to pick up the paint brush again and cover the once-loved color with something a bit more calm?

Let's think of a neutral color scheme as an investment, allowing you to avoid buyers remorse and ensuring an interior design that will never grow old.

In our opinion, this is the best feature of neutral colors — you’ll never grow tired of them. Neutral will always be a classic. These days, the neutral color palette is a crucial part of any modern design, including one in your farmhouse inspired aesthetic will be the thing that helps keep your space feeling cool, calm, collected, and totally current.

We recommend going for more elegantly muted tones. Bright whites, delicate creams, comforting cognac, and feathery grays are all perfect for a modern farmhouse. This clean-cut background will make accent shades stand out if you decide to add some more dimension.

In a farmhouse design, the finishes you choose will also play an important factor. Instead of choosing more crispy, bright shades like you would in a truly modern design, you may want to consider choosing colors that have a vintage or antique feel. This will provide a small nod to classic farmhouse style without making your space feel too over the top.

Simple, Natural Materials - Linen Drapery

If you are stuck trying to choose drapes for your modern farmhouse design, you can never go wrong with neutral linen drapery in a classic, functional style like euro pleat drapes or ripple fold. Optic White, grays, oysters, and natural shades work fabulous with different mixed furniture colors, and easily support the farmhouse style.

Belgian linen drapery is simply the cleanest and most natural type of window treatment you can get. We are confident you will grow to love it and cherish it. For all these reasons, linen window treatments offer unlimited creative potential. The utility of linen in the living room or bedroom is unrivaled. No other fiber can offer this unique blend of luxury, supreme elegance and down-to-earth practicality.

Layer both Patterns and Textures

A large element in mastering the Modern Rustic style, is building layers of patterns and unique textures.

Play around and mix several different patterns in one space, this could be your rug, pillows, artwork, or other decorative accents. We always recommend that you opt for organic patterns to keep the vibe feeling rustic. Rethink all your polka-dots and things like chevron, or any pattern that may feel to perfect.

Textures are also a huge part of the Rustic Modern Farmhouse look. Again, make sure to gather inspiration from the natural world and opt for a mix of organic textures to bring these rustic elements to life. It’s always fun to layer a cowhide over a patterned rug, or hanging a woven tapestry over a vintage velvet sofa.

Design tips for the Modern Farmhouse

Photo by Liz Marie

Opt for Weathered Materials

A little patina or weathering ain’t never hurt nobody! Items that have a history and show their age are key to mastering the Modern Rustic style. Look for worn leathers, unfinished natural woods, or anything with a vintage look and feel.

Not only will weathered materials bring extra texture to your space, but they’ll also give it that tactual quality that makes rustic interiors so alluring. Don’t be afraid to bring in influences from the natural world as well.

Modern Farmhouse Inspiration

Keeping it Cozy

One of our favorite things about the Modern Rustic Farmhouse style, is the comfy and homey feeling that’s created. Our final tip is to make sure that your home is the perfect place to snuggle up by adding plush textures, piles of pillows, and layering in chunky knit blankets.

The organic and weathered materials and forms of the Modern Rustic look in combination with comfy furniture will all work together to make your home feel like the a perfect farmhouse cocoon.


Featured Photo by Liz Marie

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