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6 Easy Summer Updates to Freshen Up Your Home

6 Easy Summer Updates to Freshen Up Your Home

We have a few artful and elegant updates to help freshen-up your home for the new season. For summer, it’s all about keeping things bright and light, literally and visually. Keep reading for six easy summer updates that’ll freshen up your home.

Coordinate Your Pet Decor

Your basic scratching post or dog bed may fade into the background for you, but they can stand out like a sore thumb to your guests. Pet decor has come a long way, and no matter what the interior or style you have going on in your space, you can find something to match, blend in, or even stand out. Stores like Target and Homegoods have great selections of products that won’t break the bank.

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Foster That Coastal Vibe With Beachy Art

Especially if the interiors of your home are relatively neutral, rotating in beachy art is an easy way to change the mood of your space instantly. We love the summery vibe that beach photography can create in a home. Although, we can’t forget that the room can easily handle a snowy landscape or an abstract black-and-white painting for a moodier feel.

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Custom Solar Shades - Glare To Glow

Due for some window treatments? Alva can easily turn your windows from glare to glow with custom solar shades, roman shades or roller shades. As a matter of fact, these window coverings are perfect for summer. Custom solar shades offer you privacy and a view. You can select from various opacities, depending on the outside view you’re looking to maintain.

One of our favorite benefits of solar shades and sunscreen shades are their ability to provide protection against harmful UV rays, keeping your interior looking fresh. Although often overlooked, the sun damage can threaten the quality of your furniture and is ultimately irreversible. We really want to keep your interior looking new. 

Custom Solar Shades

Employ Some Well Placed Nautical Pieces

Vintage sporting good items are always worthy for display (in small doses that is). You can go right ahead and mount those oars on the wall of the porch where someone might grab them and go for a spin around the lake.

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Freshen Up Those Walls

How about you choose a room or two in your home and repaint them with a vibrant, cheery and summery color. It's quite easy to make a space feel fresh and rejuvenated with a brand new coat of paint.

Fresh paint whether it be inside or outside your home can make a world of difference. It can make an entire space look fresh and clean. Not to mention, with such a low dollar commitment. If you have a bedroom that’s starting to look lackluster, or maybe the color in the dining room is starting to look a little passé, adding a new coat can give any room the atmosphere boost you’ve been waiting for.

Even if your bedroom has dark walls, you can lighten things up for the season with a pair of bright throw pillows to help compliment. Or even adding a long lavender pillow can instantly make the vibe of the space feel airy and light.

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Let's Declutter and Reorganize

It’s time to empty those kitchen cabinets and get rid of any items or small appliances that you just haven’t been able to use. Keeping your space clean and decluttered will give you a sense of well-being and order. Go through your closets and remove any items that you don't need and donate them. Organize all your dresser drawers by removing unused items and neatly refold what you want to keep. Store your winter clothing and move your summertime items into your newly cleaned closets and drawers.

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