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Inspiration & Fresh Ideas for your Home
6 Key Pieces to Designing a Bedroom

6 Key Pieces to Designing a Bedroom

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the living room is a space to gather and – well, we all know what the bathroom’s for. But what about the bedroom?

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary – a smart, comfortable and intimate space where you can relax, unwind and feel completely at ease.

Bedrooms provide the ultimate refuge from the stresses of modern life. Closing your bedroom door should be a relief; an opportunity to cocoon yourself in a serene and stylish space that creates an instant sense of calm and composure.

Simple, practical designs work well in bedrooms. That means plenty of storage space to keep it clutter-free, beautiful yet functional furnishings and a few choice accessories.

Here are 6 key design pieces to bring both form and function to your bedroom, and create a space that feels as dreamy as it looks.

Vintage Rugs

Is there any better feeling than wiggling your toes into a fluffy rug? Whether it’s a cold winter’s evening or you’ve had a tough day, a rug adds warmth and texture to a room, softens hard edges and can tie a room together. They’re also a simple and affordable solution if you feel like your bedroom is missing something, but you don’t have space for more furniture or a statement piece. From classic sheepskin to original vintage rugs that make those little nooks in your bedroom come alive, rugs are the ultimate bedroom accessory!

Designing A Bedroom

Photo by Visitbatch

Custom Roman Shades

While there are many options for window treatments for every room in the home — no window covering marries function and style quite like Custom Roman Shades. They're simple and streamlined, so they look good in modern homes and don't distract too much from the view. At the same time, they're sophisticated and elegant, making them a good fit for more traditional homes too.

Since this is for a bedroom, we think a blackout liner is a must  — but many folks prefer the option to still let light in yet allow for privacy. You solve this by layering light filtering solar shades underneath the roman, inside mounted, to give you a lot more flexibility. Lower the roman shade to make the room completely dark. And, during the day, the solar shades can come down for privacy while still allowing the light and a bit of the view to shine through.

Custom Roman Shades

Stylish Bed Frame

The quality of your bed frame can affect the quality of your sleep: no matter how good your mattress is, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits without a supportive frame. Bed frames and headboards anchor a room and are often the foundations for your design theme. Be bold and choose a statement frame you love, or style a neutral frame with colorful bedding accessories which are easier to swap as interior design trends and your personal taste change over the years. From wooden to upholstered, bed frames come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Add some pizzazz to your headboard by installing LED light strips, or hang fairy lights for a cozy glow.

Designing A Bedroom

Photo by The Churro Boy

Beautiful Bedding

From thread count to pillow density, your bedding has an impact on your sleep quality, health and overall happiness. Choose blankets, pillows and bed linen that feel good against your skin and look great too. There’s nothing quite like snuggling into silky sheets, dreamy duvets and plumped up pillows, and you can even treat yourself to stylish accessories such as pillow shams and waffle weave blankets. Bedtime can’t come soon enough!

Designing A Bedroom

Photo by Shirabess Interiors

Statement Lighting

Whether you’re going for bright and airy or low lighting to create a cozy atmosphere, light is a crucial consideration for any room. Mirrors bounce natural light around a room, adding texture and creating a sense of space. But what about when the sun goes down, or if you want to read into the early hours? Consider the size of the room and decide whether to opt for chic ceiling lights, contemporary wall lights or fashionable floor lamps. Add some flair to your bedroom with decorative light bulbs, vintage string lights and flameless candles for a soft glow that transforms your bedroom into a homely haven.

Designing A Bedroom

Photo from Megan Schlachtenhaufen

Flora + Fauna

Indoor plants provide a raft of benefits, from boosting mood to reducing stress and purifying the air – and that’s all on top of enhancing the beauty and color of a room! But did you know they can also promote a healthy sleeping pattern? Snake plants and Aloe Vera convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night, making for a more restful slumber. Lavender induces sleep and eases anxiety, while jasmine has a soothing effect on the mind and body. Peace lilies can boost a room’s humidity by up to 5%, helping to relieve sore throats, dry eyes and other allergy symptoms that prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Bring nature into your bedroom and say yes to plant power!


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