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6 Tips to Stylish Window Treatments

6 Tips to Stylish Window Treatments

When making an investment into your home, like updating the master bathroom, new flooring, or window treatments, it’s important to ensure the result is worth the time & money spent. The look and function of the home upgrade should last for years to come; especially considering many of us can’t afford (nor do we have the desire!) to renovate every year.

Custom Drapes are one of those enhancements that we tend to have ‘style paralysis’ over. Some of us are just stuck doing NOTHING for fear that what they will do will waste money, time or generally be embarrassing and lose them friends. Check out our five tips for stylish window treatments.

First Comes Function.

Before looking at drapery materials and color schemes, decide what purpose your drapes will serve. Do you need privacy at night? Are there drafty patio doors that you would like to address? These are the types of questions that will guide you in choosing the style of drapes, from decorative to everyday use, as well as the fabric and lining.

Stylish Window Treatments

Photo by Amber Interiors

Choose A Neutral Color.

Design and color trends are a moving target, which is why it’s important to choose neutral window treatments if you’re hoping to get more than the most out of your renovation budget. Yes, you might fall in love with bold color choice, but down the road, there is a chance you may tire of it.

Although it may sound trite, white is an incredibly modern and timeless decorating choice. Its clean, understated appearance soothes the eye and lets other furnishings take the limelight in a room’s decor. Belgian Linen Drapery Sheers or White Belgian Linen Roman Shades, are timeless options, offering modern beauty & privacy.

Look to the French for Style.

There are myriad of ways to finish the top of a drape, but you can never go wrong going French. The Pinch Pleat, aka the “French Pleat” is a way of gathering the fabric at the top of the drapes so it looks as though it has been evenly pinched together.

Look for High Quality Craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship and environment have a significant impact on the longevity of window treatments. Roller Shades handcrafted from advanced man-made or recycled materials, help window treatments maintain their luster, by making them resistant to dust, and environmental conditions such as extreme heat or humidity, which oftentimes cause your coverings to warp or fade with repeated exposure.

It’s also important to choose a brand, such as Alva, which backs its craftsmanship with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, giving homeowners peace-of-mind that their investment will be cared for over the life of the product.

Stylish Window Treatments

Material: There’s nothing quite like Belgian Linen Drapes.

Belgian Linen has long been a favorite for window treatments because light filters subtly through the weave of the fabric, it’s antimicrobial and eco-friendly properties, and the fact that it’s one of the most durable fabrics out their.

While lined linen drapery is the conventional way to go, using unlined linen on windows is also popular. Such a treatment is semi-transparent, almost like lingerie for your windows. Though appropriate for a reading area, kitchen or sitting room, unlined linen window treatments are not a good option in rooms where you want privacy or room darkening, like a TV room or bedroom. Also be aware that unlined linen will probably wear prematurely from exposure to UV rays. It’s recommended to avoid using unlined linen on south- and west-facing windows that get a lot of direct sunlight.

Choose Custom Design.

Generally speaking, ready-made curtains can provide a convenient option if you're in a hurry to get something up asap with less emphasis on perfectly curating your decor or choosing something long-lasting. If you'd prefer to spend a little more time and money to find something that will provide your room with a lasting and unique look, then going custom is your best bet. By choosing a custom option from the beginning, your window treatments will be manufactured to your exact window specifications so you’re guaranteed a perfect fit. Professional installation will ensure your new coverings are securely attached to the wall or window casing, eliminating the risk of them detaching after regular use.

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