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7 Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying Custom Drapery

7 Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying Custom Drapery

The devil is in the details when it comes to custom drapery & curtains, which makes them an intimidating design decision — but one well worth your time & money. We spent the weekend editing some of the most common questions we’d ask ourselves in designing the perfect window treatments.

What are the dimensions of my windows?

Even before you started surfing the web for that perfect pattern, grab a tape-measure and open your favorite note-taking app (we’re fans of Evernote). Don’t even think about "eyeballing” this decision.

You’re going to want to start by focusing exactly where you’d like your custom drapery to fall: Just above the floor? Right below the window sill? Or, slightly puddle on the floor for that modern, bohemian look? If you’d like to dig deeper into all the options, check out Custom Drapes Online: The Smart Handbook for Selection & Measuring. Finish up your measurements by snapping a photo of your window + surrounding area, and noting your length/width.

Custom Drapery

Photo from Leclair Decor

Do I have different types of windows in one room?

Remember, just because you use Drapery for one set of windows, doesn’t mean you can’t mix/match your way with a better solution for another window. A common example in a living room might be a patio door, a bay window, a Florida room with ceiling-to-floor windows?

What’s the Design Style of my room?

Are you going for something that speaks beachside bohemian, or mid-century modern? Is the setting generally going to be more on the formal side, or laid-back? Are their views you’re trying to enhance, or just have a little more privacy?

Belgian linen sheers are a great addition to any room where welcoming light is priority! The sheer fabric is lightweight, dresses the window alone, or works especially well when paired with heavier-weight panels.

If you’re looking for something a little more textured, and adds privacy & warmth to your room, then have a look at Alva’s luxury Belgian linen collections. The soft texture of this line is loomed from the world’s finest flax fibers grown in France and Belgium, making for superb longevity.

Custom Drapery

What is the color of your furniture & surrounding walls?

You already took a pic of the room and stored that in your favorite notetaking app. Reflect back on this as you consider your color. If you’re looking for your custom drapery to add eye-catching pop of color, go bright or very, very dark! If subtle character is the right choice, then look to a color that is a few shades darker than the wall color.

What kind of drapery rod will I use?

We’re the first to admit — all the designs, styles, and finishes with hardware can be confusing.

So, when it comes to selection, keep in mind that you’re going to need durable, strong pieces that are going to last for years and withstand pulling and tugging should you have little ones, or pets that love your drapery as much as you do. In addition, you’re going to want the right kind of hardware that enhances your existing decor.

For a modern aesthetic in a bedroom or living space, consider adjustable styled art-deco styled metal rods. You’ll often find these in brushed nickel, polished brass & chrome. If urban is more your thing, opt for an industrial pipe in rust or steel finishes, which will definitely give an eclectic  and interesting element to the style of your custom drapery. If your concept is more rustic or country focused, look for wooden rod options. The warm, neutral tones of wood works well with many different drapery or curtain colors, such as optic white or dark navy.

What kind of drapery heading is best for my concept?

Selecting which style of drapery heading is going to work best for you home is important details. Certain pleats are more functional, while others like Grommet styles tend to be better for more decorative stationary panels. Set the tone by taking a deeper look into Alva’s pleat options, and take note how they change the tone of a setting, going from traditional to a more modern look.

Custom Drapery

What’s my budget?

Yes, budget is always a consideration! While inexpensive, ready-made options are abundantly available, one of the primary drawbacks is their lack of length options. Even the biggest suppliers out their typically only sell two sizes: 84” & 96”. Quality of construction is going to be the most visible factor, as inspiring designs, European fabrics, and heirloom methods of craftsmanship just can’t be replicated in mass. It really is true: you get what you pay for.

Here at Alva, we’re proud to sell our products directly to clients at prices unseen in luxury window treatments, while maintaining the same level of service, quality, and design they’ve come to expect. We hope these 7 questions help you find custom drapery and designer window treatments that are both multifunctional & beautiful.

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