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All You Need to Know About Window Treatments for French Doors

All You Need to Know About Window Treatments for French Doors

French doors are not only modern but add a lot of character and drama to a room. They allow just the right amount of sunlight in the room; waking up every day being kissed by the sun is a whole feeling in itself. If you live for these tiny moments in life, selecting your french door window treatments correctly is a must --- and we're here to help get in right.

Let's dive a little deeper into the specifics of french doors:

French doors are often known as french windows. These doors are a product of panels of glass or panes. These panes are generally rectangular, are separated by wooden frames, and take up most of the space in the french doors. Another easy way to distinguish french doors from normal doors is that french doors are always in a pair instead of a single door.

Diving a little more into the specifics, generally, a french door or window will be 72" wide; however, if you go for sidelights, you can also increase its width to 96" Wide. The standard length (top-to-bottom) is 80".We can also say that its size varies depending on the manufacturer.

Uses of Window Treatments for French Doors: 

Layering Drapery & Zebra Shades for French Door

Some might think that adding window treatments to french doors will hinder the natural light coming into the room; however, that is far from the truth! Instead, these french door window coverings can amplify the size of the doors and add even more charm to the room, allowing you to control how much sunlight enters your house. Basically, these treatments help in relaying the different patterns and colors in the room that help in grabbing attention even more!

It's not just the look for which we may use these treatments, but it also has some major uses. For example, using window treatments for french doors will help keep shade on your house and reflect the heat, which will, in turn, keep your house cool. Think about how much a simple treatment can do: in summers when the heat levels can be at an all-time high, taking the electricity bills along with them. Even in such times, the house will remain cool, keeping the electricity bills down, thanks to window treatments. These treatments not only save you some bucks, but in times when you need privacy, they will come to your rescue.

Now that we know about the heroic roles french door treatments play in your life, it's time we talk about a few types of treatments that you may want to use. But before we do that, here are a few things you need to keep in mind before choosing the right french window treatment.

Top 4 window Treatments For French Doors: 

Read below to find the top 4 window treatments for french doors: 

Solar and Roller Shades
If you are looking for something that works like a charm with french doors, then look no further. Solar and roller shades with french doors are like apples to the pie. They add a great texture and color to your room. The best thing about these is that there is a large variety of solar and roller shade fabrics available, for example, light-filtering, blackout, and dozens of different fabrics, for you to be able to optimize for the right amount of light and privacy.

With these shades, you can say bye-bye to harmful UV Rays while you are in the house. They can cut-down on UV rays and reduce the heat that keeps the heat and electricity bills down!

Roller Shades over French Doors

Roman Shades
Roman shades are perfect for those who want to add a little high-end or a luxurious vibe to their french doors. They are known to emphasize the look of your french door. What we love the most about these shades is that you have a lot of variety available for the colors, size, and patterns to choose from, as roman shades are made up of fabric!

If you want something that blocks the sunlight, then you can use a thicker fabric. On the other hand, if you want some light to pass through the doors while making it look pretty, you can also go for other kinds of fabrics, such as sheer or thinner fabrics.

Roman Shades for Doors Using Slim Headrail

Woven Woods
Woven Wood Shades are also an excellent choice for French Doors. If you’re looking to jazz up a room, woven woods on your French doors is an easy way to do it. The natural grain of the wood lends charm and flavor to an otherwise monotone space. They’re also a great complement to wood floors in the office or wicker furniture on the back patio.

The same basic rules apply to woven woods as with Roman shades. These coverings should completely cover the window panes on your French doors. With your woven shades properly fitted and outside mounted, they will. An optional liner (light filtering or blackout) can be added to help you control light. Choose a woven wood shade for a fashionable and stylish statement on your doors.

Roman Shades on French Doors

Window Treatments Not Recommended for French Doors
Although the above three french door window treatments are optimal in terms of function & aesthetics, many of the window coverings on can be nicely modified for French Doors. However, if you’ve fallen in love with Shutters, they are not recommended for French Doors due to the depth or extensive build out to allow the louvers to function. Lastly, we do not recommend Sliding Panels or Vertical Blinds, as these can be clumsy, as they need to be fully opened past the doors in order for the french doors to be operable. 

Why Choose Alva Window Treatments for French Doors?

From the calming allure of our Woven Woods in Bombay “Natural” to the rich tone of a linen blend in “Urban Grey, Alva has a wide selection of fabric options and colors. You’ll have no problem finding the right hue and fabric for your French door Roller Shade or Roman shades. Plus, we offer woven woods in several neutral tones.

From measurement questions to style advice, get help from our team of Design Specialists in the comfort of your own home through our online chat or our virtual appointment system. We’ll work with you one-on-one to make sure your French doors are exactly as you dreamed them to be! Remember, no question is too big or too small.


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