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Custom Window Treatments & Your Modern Apartment

Custom Window Treatments & Your Modern Apartment

Custom window treatments have a way of polishing off any room in your modern apartment. We especially gravitate towards Belgian linen drapery and shades made of natural products, as they have a way of injecting an airy modern aesthetic into your space. In addition to considering the color, texture and opacity of your custom window treatments (remember: a curtains truest function is to filter the sun!), be sure to pay mind to your curtain hardware. From colorful glass and ceramic finials to burnished brass and iron rods, today's hardware choices are all so unique. We’ve built quite the inspiration board this spring, so grab a cup of joe, get your pinterest board ready…

Your Vision, Your Style

Some people are born with a great eye for design! And then there are the rest of us. If you don't have much of a knack for modern design, start by considering the room style? Should it feel simple, honest, & enduring? Or, do you want it to have that abstract, simple, & playful energy? Take some time to think about it, as this will help you find whether you should start diving into different fabric directions, like: solids, geometric patterns, abstract or ethnic designs, and of course floral or nature-based styles.

Pro Tip: Pick a style that tells the story you want to tell! Modern? Bohemian? Industrial Americana? Rustic Farmhouse perhaps?

The best part about buying custom drapes and roman shades is that it allows for you to add additional flare, and project a style you set out to achieve.

Custom Window Treatments

Eco-Friendliness is Key

And though you may already be taking full advantage of better-for-you everyday necessities (like food, cleaning products and bedding), your custom window treatments just might be slipping under the radar. They just hang there, after all. You’re not eating off of them or sleeping on them, or using them to clean your home. So why bother replacing them?

To start off, there’s a vast range of quality when it comes to producing textiles. Some synthetic fabrics like nylon, rayon, and polyester are petroleum-based, & take heaps of energy to produce and soak-up nonrenewable resources.

Belgian linen on the hand is a champion in terms of eco-friendliness! The flax plant does not require irrigation and hardly any plant-protection products. The fibers themselves are harvested through a natural process, and much of the other parts of the plant are used in the creation of paper, insulation materials.

Modern & Clean Design

Now, back to the “Modern” theme. Although it started off focused on rejecting design for mass appeal in favor of more a more crisp and minimalistic design. However, sometimes modern is all about bold colors used in abstract art. One point of consistency is modern design tends to lighten things up. If your living room is particularly small, then light cool colors can make it look brighter and larger. When darker-shaded colors on the other end can make great rooms feel more balanced and inviting. Our take is that modern curtains should have clean lines, and use quality materials like Belgian and European linen.

Pro Tip: Custom drapery and roman shades that use a monochromatic color palette are magical. You won’t be disappointed.

Lastly, have you been considering a “common” drapery style and material throughout all your rooms, whether or not it matches the decor? We have to admit that our consistency-loving nature must be challenged! So often have we found that every room can and should have various window treatments based on theme, whether or not contradictory.

Custom Window Treatments

Styles We’re Loving

Custom Grommet Drapery. If your looking for something stylish, yet modern, then the grommet style with deep folds and hand-pressed grommets will go perfect in creating an enduring and dynamic setting. Although this style drapery can be opened and closed manually, we sometimes caution against it for frequent use. Not only does that increase wear and tear on the rod, touching your fabric constantly will eventually stain the fabric.

Custom Pinch Pleat Drapery. When thinking about your space, do you envision opening and closing the drapes a few times a day? Do you see yourself opening and closing your drapes a few times a day? If so, then the best option is a more functional, pinch pleat style header. This type glides across your window gracefully on a traditional traverse rod, which allows your panels to open and close across a window by using a draw cord or baton. The very popular 3-pinch pleat drape (also called French pleat or triple pleat) looks exactly like it sounds, with three folds of gathered and pinched fabric. Pinch-pleated drapes characteristically retain their shape, maintaining a consistent appearance opened or closed, and hangs beautifully.

Custom Roman Shades. Looking for a more decorative treatment without fully committing to drapes? Why not try a fabric Roman shade? It’s the perfect medium! If draperies seem too heavy for you, and you’re not a fan of the simplistic look that roller shades can offer you, fabric roman shades have the ability to offer the best of both worlds. These shades are a beautiful blend of contemporary and traditional treatments that allow you to customize your shades with any fabric, but still keep the entire shade in a tidy, inside mount.


Featured Image by House Seven Design

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