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How To Buy Custom Window Treatments Online - An Insider's Guide

How To Buy Custom Window Treatments Online - An Insider's Guide

“When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” - some useful advice my mom tried to give me once. This was the story of the pair of sneakers I found on ebay, and - big surprise - she was surely right. Consequently, this mistake costed me $80 and didn’t remotely solve my need for new sneakers (the soles separated just after I started my morning run). If I would of put even five minutes of effort to research the make and the company itself… Well, I’d probably have continued looking for other outlets and hopefully would have made a more worthwhile investment with my $80. Ultimately, I’m just happy it was a pair of sneakers and not a $1,200 room full of roman shades. To help you avoid unfortunate stories like the one you’ve just read, we built a guide to answer your question: How to buy custom window treatments online?

Read The About Page

TL;DR: “How To Buy Custom Window Treatments Online” - Somewhere with an easily comprehensible and understood About me or Our Story Page.

A company’s About Page or Our Story Page isn’t usually trying to sell you. In most cases it provides you with clues as to the level of care, expertise, and execution a company has, and often their commitment to quality. In other words, the About Page is the company's resume. Take notice of spelling errors, weird syntax, or strange email addresses. For example, is not an inspiring email tag. Consider whether this type of behavior extends into the quality of their window treatments.

PS if their support email handle is actually, we strongly recommend you don’t send any payments.

Cross Reference Online Reviews With Social Media

TL;DR: “”How To Buy Custom Window Treatments Online” - From a company that has exceptional reviews and a positive relationship with their social following.

Online product reviews have definitely changed the game for good. With so many different alternatives to online stores and products, it becomes hard to decide which we should believe and which ones we should be more skeptical about. A product can look absolutely stunning when it’s professionally photographed. Bright lights, a white backdrop, or a photoshop treatment is the unfortunate epitome of product photography. When you come across drapery or shades that you’re excited about, make sure to track it back to its origins, especially if it’s on Pinterest or Instagram. Just be on the lookout for filters. It’s hard for us speak for other companies, but when you’re looking at the color of our drapery and its representation on our own website you can bet it’s going to be accurate.

When you’re looking at instagram especially, be aware of sponsored posts. Sponsored posts can be great when the person or influencer is being transparent about who they are. Influencers must always be cautious when they align there brand with others as they can inspire purchases that aren’t the best investments.  

With so much competition around, it is important for any forward-thinking ecommerce business to maintain its reputation. Credibility and reputation takes a ton of time to establish, but on the other hand, one negative feedback can ruin all that hard work. Without a doubt product reviews have become a game changing way for marketers to hold on to its reputation and continuously engage customers with high quality information, products, and services.

An ecommerce store and it’s products, backed by a good compilation of customer reviews, always get a much wider consumer base. From the perspective of the consumer, the more customer reviews and feedback, the more information she/he will have about the working quality and usability of the window treatment.

Custom Window Treatments Online

First Comes Function

How a window treatment is designed to function, is just as important as how they look in the window! So for example, before we start talking styles or sifting through decorative fabrics, we work with our clients to hammer down the functions of their window treatments. From there, it’s much easier a narrowed set of options to effectively cover the window. Let’s unpack a few the most important functions you should consider when thinking about your space.

  • Privacy and Light Control. How much do you want and need? Do you envision the space to be bright, airy & open, or more buttoned up and cozy? Are you looking to block out the morning light for snug sleep in the bedroom or maybe hang a sheer fabric in your kitchen that lets the silhouettes of the sunshine in over your sink? Are the windows you're covering facing due east or west? All of these factors will influence the styles and fabrics you decide to choose.
  • Bringing Balance. If you’re a designer, knowing how to use window treatments to balance uniquely shaped or oddly placed windows is really effective. For example, hanging one treatment across a set of tightly spaced windows creates a sense of scale and the illusion of width. Or alternatively, opting for half-length treatments on tall, towering windows can make for a more intimate atmosphere. Window treatments can also highlight a window’s architectural details such as an arch or a decorative frame.
  • Energy Efficiency. Who doesn’t want to save on their utility bill? People often forget that one of the most basic characteristics of an energy-efficient home are its windows, and frequently view window treatments as a decoration and something way down the priority list. Interestingly, heat gain from a home’s windows accounts for 25%-40% of the average households cooling expenses. In that same vein, let your custom window treatments do some of the heavy-lifting by cutting down on the sun streaming into your home, saving you more money on the utility bill.
  • UV Protection. Although often overlooked, sun damage can be a threat to the quality of your furniture and is sadly irreversible. The custom leather furniture, that expensive piece of artwork that you just purchased and even the paint on your walls fade from the sun, which makes having a nice interior in your home somewhat difficult at times, especially if your space gets direct sunlight. Lighter color fabrics are more energy-efficient than darker ones, but they may also cause more glare and reflection. Darker fabrics absorb more heat into your home’s interior, but reduce glare and reflection, enhancing your view.

  • Always remember, before you jumping head first into materials, start by narrowing down the functions of window treatments within your space. These factors will help filter out the products, styles or materials that don’t meet your needs, and you can instead focus on the options that actually meet your needs.

    Visualize It With Free Swatches

    TL;DR: “”How To Buy Custom Window Treatments Online” - Want a closer look at a color, texture or finish? Find your inspiration with Free Swatches delivered right to your home.

    Online shopping has some pretty big upsides. After all, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love shopping from the comfort of their own home. But, buying custom window treatments online is not without its limitations.

    When you shop with Alva, we’re going to be with you at every step of the way. This includes design inspiration, guides to help you measure and install your new window treatments, and, of course, free swatches. Our store allows you to order up to five free swatches that are delivered directly to your home. With our swatches you can ensure the color, patterns, texture, and details are perfect for your project. Each sample is hand-cut from exact production materials to really help you paint a clear picture and invision your finished project.

    In 2018, it’s completely normal to purchase a product after just a couple thumbnail images and a few customer reviews. We’re all guilty of this, and sometimes get burned. The product we receive just doesn’t quite meet our expectations, or, in worse cases, even look like the product we selected.

    One of the biggest issues with shopping online is that computer screens render colors differently. This can certainly cause problems when shopping for products, specifically custom window treatments. This is why it’s essential to provide our customers with free window treatment swatches, this ensures your colors align every time.

    Custom Window Treatments Online

    Customer Care

    When you have questions about product differences and or tricky situations, you want advice you can trust. Our design consultants are the best in the business – and their advice is always on the house. Helping you make decisions that work for you is what we're here for! Here's a little of what you can expect from your design consultant:

    • We can recommend the best products and pieces based on your style and needs.
    • We’ll ensure your window treatments fit perfectly by connecting you with a local measure and install pro, or help you DIY it.
    • Want to decorate a whole room? Your Design Consultant will create a coordinated look just for you. Design Consultants are available Monday through Friday, 10am to 7:30pm EST and occasionally off hours for virtual consultations. Virtual consultations are recommended for larger projects.

    Once you have the perfect design for your space our design consultant can assist you with ordering. The entire process is hassle free and you're under no obligation to purchase anything by using the free design service.

    Product Types 

    • Shades. People oftentimes use the terms “blinds” and “shades” interchangeably, but they aren’t the same thing. When a window treatment experts refer to shades, they’re usually referring to a  canvas material that’s drawn down from and retracts vertically to the top of the window. There are several basic types of shades: Roman Shades, Roller Shades, Solar Shades, and Zebra Shades. 
    • Wood Blinds. If you’re looking for a way to add some class and warmth to your home, wood blinds can do that and more. Both classic and cool, our blind slats are made from high-quality Basswood, which is both attractive and durable. There’s also no need to worry if they’ll match your home or décor. Never dated or out of style, real wood blinds come in different shades of white and designer colors that will help make your house a home you’ll love!
    • Drapery. Few people need an introduction to drapery. They may be the most common type of window coverings in North America and have been around since the time of ancient Egypt. Generally, draperies come in an endless array of colors, patterns and thicknesses, and can adapt to most types of windows. If you’re decorating on a budget, you may want to consider simple side panels or custom drapes as an alternative to more expensive options. Decorative curtain rods can enhance the beauty of the drapes and add a distinguishing accent to the room.
      Custom Window Treatments Online

    Photo from Brook Wagner Design

    Ascertaining Quality

    How our window treatments make you feel is important to us. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t yet been able to take to us to place where we can offer an in-home virtual and immersive experience. However, what we can do is give the most transparent and comprehensive information about our materials and construction of our window treatments. When you’re in search for the perfect window treatments, consider these factors:


  • Materials Matter. Here at Alva, be believe in the art of crafting something by hand, and the quality that can only be achieved by this. In this spirit, we go one step further tracing back the materials of our products, so you and your family can feel confident in knowing they are true & authentic.
  • Ordering & Timeframe. Think of Alva as a digital destination to create custom window treatments online with the click of a mouse. Starting with a blank slate? Or, have a specific design in mind? Customers can choose from our hand-selected collections, select the perfect size, and even add finishes & motorization if needed. The image updates as you design and can be pinned to Pinterest or a moodboard to help you visualize.To order, you simply add to your cart and check out like a typical eCommerce store. Most of our products ship in 10-12 business days.
  • Installation. Lots of homeowners today are embracing the DIY movement and learning how to improve their homes with their own hands, which can drastically reduce the price of installing new window treatments. There are some products, however, that are better suited for professional installation such as motorized shades. Although, there is an additional cost for the service we find that most homeowners feel it’s money well spent to have their products just as they envisioned. Here at Alva, we’ve put together a trusted network of local pros that know just how to make your treatments look their best. Measurement fees are typically $75, while installation fees vary by location and are charged based on window size (typically starting between $75 and $150). But believe us, it’s well worth the cost to have your room looking its best.

    Custom Window Treatments OnlinePhoto By Kelly Nutt Design

    Buying custom window treatments online is a much bigger commitment than a pair of sneakers. We wanted to bring you this guide to help you make better informed choices when thinking about web-based window treatments. In addition, we also wanted to point out just how easy it is to purchase our products and also low-key point out that our customer care and service team is really, really great. If a company is worth your time and money, they should easily be able to put you at ease about the quality, style, and durability of their window treatments.

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