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Inside VS Outside Mount Of Shades And Blinds

Inside VS Outside Mount Of Shades And Blinds

If you are choosing Venetian blinds or roller shades for the first time, you are very likely to have a ton of questions. Should I buy bamboo window shades or opt for another wood? Invest in cordless window treatments or pick something simpler? And the most common question: Inside or outside mount? At first, it may look like there is no difference. Both options of roman shades mount neatly cover a window, create a pleasant atmosphere, and protect you from UV rays. As you may have already guessed, there are some significant differences between inside and outside blinds mount. The right choice of mounting may significantly influence your satisfaction with the purchased window roman shades. For example, after the blinds are ordered, you may find out that they aren’t suitable for your window frame. Also, some people want the highest level of blackout which can only be achieved with hanging outside blinds. And many more subtleties…

 Alva’s team has a solid experience with shades, blinds, and curtains. We decorated hundreds of windows and can promptly recommend you a perfect match. Besides, our specialists are always glad to share their knowledge and create helpful content on Roman shades and other window treatments. Therefore, in this article, you will find many handy tips from our team. Read on to learn about inside vs outside mount, its functions, benefits, and installation.

Inside And Outside Mount. How To Pick The Right Type Of Window Blinds?

Inside And Outside Mount 01

It’s great to have a choice if you know how to make it right. The availability of several mount types allows tailoring Roman blinds to your needs and preferences. Yet to better understand your initial requirements, make sure to consider several things, such as:

  • What is the depth of the window frame and opening?
  • How do your windows open? Do they have a crank handle or lift?
  • Do you want to combine blinds with curtains?
  • Is there any molding around a window?
  • What level of blackout do you want to achieve?

If you find answers to these questions before going to a blinds store or placing an order online, you are more likely to remain satisfied with your window blinds. They will match the technical characteristics of your windows and fulfill the expected functions.

What Is An Inside Mount Of Window Shades?

nside Mount Of Window Shades

If you order an inside mount roller or roman shades, they will be installed within your window frames and inside the window recess. This means that they should be slightly narrower than the window to smoothly move up and down. A ¼ or ½ of an inch is a usual difference recommended by blinds manufacturers. This ensures that the blinds have enough space to operate and filter the expected amount of light at the same time. The brackets of inside shades are installed right into the window frame corners. To hide the mount mechanisms and achieve a finished look, many blinds stores offer to use a fascia. With such a design solution, inside mounts make windows look very minimalist and elegant.

Here’s another thing. Make sure to accurately measure window width, height, recess, frame, and other relevant parameters. Many customers delude themselves into believing that approximate measures are enough to design roman blinds. The truth is that such negligence often leads to huge disappointment. Manufacturers can calculate the perfect roman shades size for your window, but they need reliable information.

Besides, if the blackout level is something you worry about, you can complement roman blinds with side and sill channels. They will cover the gap between the fabrics and window edges, creating more privacy. As a result, you will be able to use inside mount roller shades in guestrooms, meeting rooms, or bedrooms.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to customize inside mount blinds. In case you don’t know how to pick the most suitable design, don’t hesitate to contact Alva for professional advice.

When You Should Choose An Inside Mount

Inside And Outside Mount 02

Inside mount blinds are much more common than outside and are usually preferred by customers. There are several main cases when you should install them:

  • To show beautiful window moldings. Those homeowners that have quality wood frames or appealing moldings may want to keep them visible. Whereas outside mount hides a part of  the window beauty, inside Venetian shades make it stand out. 
  • To cover windows when there is no wall space for outside mount installation. An inside mount is an optimum solution if there is no space to mount blinds above. Choosing a mount type, always consider the technical part of the question.
  • To complement curtains instead of substituting them. For rooms that have plenty of space, many people decide to order both roller/roman blinds and curtains. Fabric curtains add a luxurious touch to a room, whereas the blinds absorb sound and light. Such a combination is possible only with inside mount blinds that fit into windows.
  • To achieve better energy efficiency. Since inside mount roman shades are located closer to the windowpane, they effectively keep the heat. This solution can even slightly cut your electricity bills.

Besides, inside mount shades look more elegant and reserved than their outside counterparts. Especially, if you hide brackets with a minimalist fascia. A lot of benefits, right? If that’s what you look for, consider ordering inside mount shades to decorate your windows.

What Is An Outside Mount Of Window Shades?

Outside Mount Of Window Shades

Outside shades are mounted either on the ceiling or on the wall just above a window. They are called ‘outside’ because the shade is fully located outside the window recess or frame. Outside roman or roller shades are always wider than the window opening and completely cover it. This creates a nice symmetric look and allows to achieve a high blackout level. Their width depends both on the size of the window and your design preferences. In this case, you have a little more freedom than with inside mount blinds. Just remember that outside shades must be  wider than windows.

There is another significant difference between outside and inside mount types. Whereas inside mount shades require a side and sill channel to fully block light, outside shades don’t need any extra accessories. They are wide enough to overlap window edges and prevent sunlight from entering the room. Most manufacturers actually don't provide channels for an outside mount since there is no need to use them. Note that if you want to achieve 100% blackout, you should pick fabrics with lining. As an alternative, you may also consider bamboo or other types of wood. In addition to advanced light control, such materials also provide moderate sound insulation.

When You Should Choose An Outside Mount

Inside And Outside Mount 01

Similarly to inside mount type, there are certain situations when outside blinds are an optimum choice or even the only possible option. Thus, you should consider ordering outside shades in the following cases: 

  • To visually increase your windows. Outside mount blinds create a great vertical line and cover the upper part of a frame which makes your windows look higher. 
  • To achieve full blackout without side and sill channels. As we have already mentioned, inside blinds can ensure a certain level of blackout when used with special accessories. Yet if you expect ultimate privacy and don’t want to install side and sill channels, we recommend ordering outside mount blinds. They are just perfect for guest rooms and hotel suites.
  • To decorate a window that isn’t deep enough to install inside blinds. Sometimes, you cannot install blinds within your window frames, and that’s it. Then, outside blinds are an excellent alternative.
  • To cover windows of unusual shape. Inside mount shades may be impossible to mount on curved or round windows. Since outside blinds are mounted on the ceiling or wall, they have no limitations in terms of the window shape.
  • To hide window trims. If you want to cover the top of windows but curtains are too massive, opt for outside mount blinds. It’s a happy medium to decorate windows without wasting extra space in front of them.
  • To use blinds for windows with an alarm sensor or crank handle. Sensors and handles are serious obstacles to installing inside mount blinds. An outside mounting leaves more space between the windowpane and the wall, eliminating this problem.

In addition to mounting, the functionality of Venetian blinds also heavily depends on the control type. At Alva, you can choose from continuous loop, cord lock, cordless, and motorized window shades. Each control mechanism has its unique benefits and nuances. We also offer a broad range of materials, starting from 100% linen to bamboo.

How To Measure A Window For Blinds?

Inside And Outside Mount 05

Once you get to hanging shades, it will be too late to measure the window size. Customers often neglect the importance of accurate measures and end up upset with the result. To avoid this, make sure to measure everything beforehand.

How to measure a window for ordering blinds?

  • Measure the width of the window opening three times (at the bottom, top, and middle).
  • Measure the height of the window opening three times (right, middle, and left). 
  • Measure two diagonals of the window and check whether they are equal.
  • Round all the measurements the nearest to ⅛’,’ and use the smallest width and the largest height in your order.

Still, have questions about outside or inside mount shades? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Alva for professional assistance and advice.

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