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Introducing Alva IQ - Affordable Smart Shades, for the Modern Home

Introducing Alva IQ - Affordable Smart Shades, for the Modern Home

We are thrilled to introduce Alva IQ™ Smart Shades, the latest addition to our collection and - we’re calling it now - your new obsession.

We designed this collection of affordable smart shades to be the perfect modern complement to your home with thoughtful details that make this window covering as easy on the eyes as it is on the pocket book. Battery power means no wires, low maintenance, and easy installation. The exclusive headrail and bracket designs make for quick battery recharges without removing the shade. Clean lines and crisp tailoring bring modern sophistication. The list goes on…

In creating Alva IQ™ Smart Shades, we set out to reimagine how you buy smart blinds, with an eye toward affordability. We envisioned a low profile shade, one that’s connected to today’s most common home technology (i.e. Alexa, open my shades), shipped directly to my home. A motorized window shade that is just at home in a relaxed urban loft as it is by the beach. These smart blinds are incredibly affordable, ranging from $289 to $389 per shade. With a battery that is rechargeable and lasts 6-9 months, they’re an excellent value for the tech included.

Our essential collection of premium fabrics that soften the natural light in your space or block it out completely.

Smart Blackout Shades, Made Affordable

What can Alva IQ™ Smart Shades do?

Have you ever tried to open your blinds and wonder if you’re pulling the right string? Yeah, you know who you are! If you find your stock builder blinds just aren’t treating your space and you the right way in 2020, it might be time to invest in ready-made smart blinds that are affordable, convenient, and fit your modern lifestyle.

BTW… Smart blinds don’t just shade your windows, they can also add value to your home especially if you plan on selling sometime soon. If this is the case, just be sure to choose a neutral color and style. With today’s fast-paced lifestyles, complete automation of temperature, lighting, and privacy settings is very appealing. After all, who doesn’t breathe a sigh of relief at one less thing to worry about?

What if you could schedule your window shades to automatically raise at a set time every morning, so you could wake up to a soft light? Or close your shades before you get into your tub, and then open them with the press of a button to enjoy the view? What if you could integrate your shades with other smart home solutions, to create a one-of-a kind experience? 

Alva IQ Smart Shades are about:

  • Starting your day with a natural wake-up with your window blinds opening at the set time, while lights turn on in the right spaces and the news or weather forecast provides the day's outlook. 
  • Creating the optimal ambiance for your media room or home office, or when taking the afternoon to relax and enjoy your home.
  • Saying goodnight with peace of mind that privacy is preserved when blackout shades lower and lights are turned off to prepare for a restful sleep.
  • This is just the start…

 Alva IQ Remote Control

Smart Controls for Every Window

Get the Smart Hub device and free smart phone app to stay in control whether you’re at home or not. When paired with your hand-held remote, the Smart Hub optimizes your control of your blinds and shades. Set custom scenes by time or events to control your room’s light and privacy. The Smart Hub will control individual window coverings or groups of window coverings to fit your every need.

Needless to say, our motorized shades eliminate the frustration and anxiety of dealing with hard-to-reach windows once Spring comes and the sun is out again. So many people have mentioned to us, “ the feeling of living in a cave because they pull their blinds down for the sunny months & only open them come Winter”. Others are tired of schlepping a ladder from window-to-window, simply to raise the shade. Let Alva Smart Blinds eliminate this hassle for you permanently!

Will it integrate?

The next big question to ask yourself is, “Will these shades play well with the rest of my smart home?”. While some systems only interact with its own proprietary products, Alva IQ™ Smart Blinds utilize a smart hub to enable app control. Pair your smart hub using Alexa Skills or utilize the IFTTT app to communicate with your shades through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

Color Theory: 3 Notes on Fabric Selection

  1. View Your Fabrics at Different Times of Day. The amount of natural light in your space, and the direction it’s coming from can also impact the way your fabrics color is perceived. Make sure you love your color both under daylight and in the evening when the sun is down and the artificial lights are on in your home.
  1. Ensure A Cohesive Design Scheme. Before you stick your fabric swatch onto your window or wall, hold it up alongside the furnishings and other decor elements in your space to make sure you like how they all jive together. As a general rule of thumb, warmer colors (like beige or golden hues) are a good fit for more traditional styles; cooler colors (think: cool neutrals or gray) are worth considering if your style is more modern.
  1. Trust Your Gut. Ultimately, go with your gut. Color is all about creating a mood, and being thoughtful about how you want to feel when you come home each day.


We like to think of Alva IQ Smart Shades as the ultimate accent, bringing an undeniably cool element to any space. With it’s clean lines and straightforward operation, they look equally as beautiful in a contemporary, minimalist space as they do under drapery panels in a classic, traditional setting.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to this mindfully designed solution, and hope to build you a smart shade you’ll love for years to come. Need a place to start? Ordering your free kit of Alva Blackout Fabrics or Solar Fabrics to get your design juices flowing. Need a little help with your decision? Schedule an appointment with your personal Design Advisor to learn more about each fabric collection, discuss installation and  integration. If you’re ready for new window treatments and like the idea of controlling your blinds and shades without having to lift a finger, then it might be the perfect time to order custom smart blinds for your home

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