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Why Buying Custom Window Treatments Is A Good Investment

Why Buying Custom Window Treatments Is A Good Investment

Buying custom window treatments is the epitome of adulting. You get to design something beautiful, functional & will be with you for years to come.

As you start to tackle your home renovation project, selecting custom window treatments will tie your decor together and draw out a more finished ambiance and mood. But here’s where the adulting thing comes in: buying high-quality & efficient window treatments is an investment, whether you continue to love your home or decide to list it down the road.


You Have A Vision.

You’ve faithfully built out your pinterest boards and you’re ready for something more modern. Your know how you want your space to feel  — a modern spin on mid-century cool. Custom window treatments set the tone for your space, improve acoustics, and can diffuse light in ways that will make a room feel amazing! Invest in custom draperies or custom roman shades, and pair it with accessories to bring your vision to life.

Belgian Linen Roman Shades

Playing Host Is Second-Nature.

If you’re like us, you want to host dinner parties in a thoughtfully-arranged space that’s as stylish as it is functional. You also have a life after the party, and prefer products that improve your home’s energy efficiency & are eco-friendly. Thankfully, original Alva Window Treatments will work no matter what kind of function you require.

You Believe Adding Value is Key.

Modern Window Coverings are also considered to be one of the least expensive energy efficiency upgrades for increasing property values. According to the a study by Energy Upgrade California, it was revealed that energy upgrades can raise a home’s value buy as much as 9%. By choosing modern window treatments, you’re households can help reduce heat loss during the winter months & shield heat during the dog days of summer. So, unlike buying a new car, where the resale value dips as soon you leave the lot, high-quality linen drapes & linen roman shades stay valuable. Timeless design will fit any home, so if you’re in it for the long haul, these pieces will be there for years to come.

You’re A Stickler For Quality.

It may be tempting to look at catalogs or discount window treatment outlets, but do you really want the same draperies that you’re neighbors have? Of course, you don’t. You’re about originality, & believe your living space should tell a story. With Belgian Linen Drapes handcrafted by Alva, there is a significant amount of attention and care that toes into every step of their creation. As a result, they’re durability is unparalleled.

Constantly having to replace or repair draperies due to damage and age can end up costing more than they are worth. While custom draperies can be expensive, making sure that they’ll hold up to whatever thrown at them can save you a lot of money in the long run.


Once you’ve purchased custom window treatments online, & have started designing your new space, we want to hear that you’re happy with it. Make sure to tag us on Instagram  @helloalvacom — so that we can be as thrilled with your investment as you are.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in custom window treatments that will you see through the ages.

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