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Inspiration & Fresh Ideas for your Home
5 Stylist-Inspired Tips for Choosing Custom Window Treatments

5 Stylist-Inspired Tips for Choosing Custom Window Treatments

Let’s be real: choosing Custom Window Treatments is stressful. Exciting, definitely. But stressful. Our homes are our places of refuge and it’s always satisfying to know it looks good. However, nailing down the look can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Chances are, you’ve caught yourself in Pinterest’s never-ending feed of inspiration. The good thing - you’re not alone. Do you consider yourself a minimalist? A mid-century modernist? A bohemian? None of the above!? It can be tough to know which term defines your style.

The good news: there’s no wrong way to design your home with Custom window treatments. But direction always helps. If you’re looking to turn your space into the Insta-worthy palace of your dreams read these stylist-inspired tips and let’s channel your inner design.

Start With The Vibe.

Before choosing custom window treatments, first ask yourself how you want the spaces to feel. For example, comfy in the living room? Loose in your kitchen? Relaxed in the bedroom? Interestingly, each of these feelings have corresponding textures, shapes and colors that all emit different behaviors. If you can identify the way you want your space to make you feel, you can narrow your picks to the most fitting.

That brings us to our next step: pick window treatments that build the feeling you’re trying to achieve. If you want your living room to feel cozy and lived-in, opt for fabrics that are gentle, colors that are warm, and lamps for soft lighting.

Or if you want your room to feel minimal and elevated, pick window treatments with clean, sharp lines like our Natural Zebra Shades

Custom Window Treatments

Photo by Studio McGee

A Favorite Focal Point.

When you walk into a room, where do your eyes fix? It might be a fireplace, a piece of furniture, a wall, or maybe a window. The focal point is the defining feature of the room.

Some rooms have a more obvious focal point, like a fireplace. Others need a little help creating a focal point. Custom window treatments make an outstanding focal point for any room, especially if you have a great view to pair along with it. Stylish windows can enhance the overall aesthetic of a room, help to define a room’s style, and draw the attention right to the windows and ultimately your view.

Window treatments can often turn into a fun design challenge or major investment, but let's face it: If you neglect those bare windows in favor of a different design focus, you'll be left with a regular old view. Whether you find yourself in need of fresh window treatments, just moved into a new home, or are starting from scratch, focus on finding a style that you’ll genuinely love. A statement maker, such as the Natural Zebra Shade — and build your room around that best-loved piece.

Custom Window Treatments

Photo by Amber Interiors

Playing With Color.

Color can attribute a lot to a space, whether it’s setting a specific mood or accenting existing pieces of home decor. Working out your color scheme — the set of colors used in one room — will help get the mood of your room just right. Pairing your custom window treatments that are neutral with furniture that’s white, beige and brown with pops of bright colors gives off a mod, mid-century vibe. Warm hues like orange, yellow and red feel cozy and personal, while cool colors like blue and green add a calm sense to the room.

Being mindful with your color scheme is an easy way to upgrade your custom window treatments — but there’s no need to stress about matching. One thing to keep top of mind - use neutrals to balance bright colors. For a bold vibe, look across the color wheel and compliment with contrasting yellow, greens, or teal hues.

A quick note on mixing colors: hues that are opposite from each other on the wheel, like orange and blue or green and red, are called complimentary colors. When used in conjunction, they create an eye-catching contrast.

Custom Window Treatments

Photo by These Four Walls

Fabrics That Matter.

To kick things off, you’re going to start the process with material. We’re big believers in natural materials — like linen. Belgian Linen is an absolute ideal fabric for roman shades because of its durability and tendency to hold its shape. With its natural slub texture, linen does not shed fibers as many synthetic materials do. It also softens the more it is used, is extremely durable, and can last for decades when cared for correctly.

Custom Window Treatments

Photo by Alva

Linen drapery is a popular window covering simply because it’s so easy to style. It’s the perfect neutral backdrop to whatever patterns, rugs or prints you’re accessorizing your interior with, while taking on its own unique worn qualities. 

Custom Window Treatments

Motorized Window Treatments.

Imagine your bedroom shades lifting open to wake you with sunshine in the morning. Picture raising and lowering your shades with the push of a button. Envision your office shades automatically lowering when the sun’s glare is at its peak.

This is all now possible with state-of-the-art motors and whisper quiet operation, there’s no better time to make your home a little smarter and your life a little easier.

Motorization allows you to program settings and control multiple window coverings at once, even if they are in separate rooms. If you have a large wall of windows, wide windows, or maybe just tall out-of-reach windows, motorization is perfect.

Best of all, motorization allows you to streamline not only the operation of your window treatments, but their appearance as well. The absence of cords and chains keeps a clean, sleek, ultra-modern aesthetic, all with the simple click of a button on a hand-held remote, or even your smartphone.

Motorized Custom Window Treatments

A Word to The Wise

When you keep these easy guidelines in mind when ordering your custom window treatments online, you’ll make your experience more empowering than exhausting. There are endless directions you can take when choosing custom window treatments. With that, go forth and get designing!


Feature Photo by Studio McGee

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