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How To Choose The Best Window Treatments For Black Window Frames

How To Choose The Best Window Treatments For Black Window Frames

As you browse through interior decorating catalogs and magazines, you’ll notice that black windows are a trend designers are embracing. Especially popular with architects and builders, black or dark bronze window frames help accentuate the clean lines of modern design. If you're in the market for new window treatments for your windows with black frames, let's explore how to choose complementary window treatments that will elevate your home and your windows.

First, a reminder to consider function.

First things first, take inventory of the windows you’re looking to dress. Are they floor-to-ceiling? Sliding Glass Doors with protruding handles? Windows Nestled in a corner? Shape, size, style, and even the way the window opens are all important factors.

Rather than jumping directly into materials, we suggest thinking about your functional needs first—like fade prevention, privacy, durability, and blackout—and then selecting a product type & material finish that meets those needs. Ask yourself what is the purpose of the window treatment—is it aesthetic, functional, or both? The best window treatment for black window frames is really based on the desired result or need.

For a much deeper diver on the subject, have a look at our Guide on How To Buy Custom Window Treatments Online.

Top Window Treatments for Black Window Frames

Second, consider your decor style.

Window treatments aren't just for windows; they're essential for any room's décor. Nowadays, picking the right window treatment can be confusing. But, if you know where to start and what your options are, you'll be able to make a good decision. Here's how to pick the ideal window coverings for windows with dark frames.

The second thing you need to do when choosing window treatments is to decide what kind of style you like. Do you prefer traditional? Modern? Contemporary? 

Classic styles generally tend to include fabric valances, cornices, full-width drapery or additional decorative elements. These designs are usually more ornate than modern styles.

Contemporary styling usually conveys a classic look featuring neutral palettes and clean lines. Contemporary window treatments made of metals such as aluminum, add a sleek and stylish silhouette to your room. A wide range of finishes, including mattes, metallics and soft, pearlescent hues, allow you to accentuate and highlight any window in your contemporary home.

Finally, Traditional styling works well in rooms with matching furniture and décor. They're also appropriate for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and entryways.

If you plan to use your new window treatments in multiple rooms, it's wise to consider which style will fit best in each space. For instance, installing valances in your bedroom may not be a good idea if you reside in a modern house.

Idea #1: Privacy and Light Control That Blends into Your Frame

If a black or darker-toned fabric feels too dark for your decor concept, try considering a Roller Shade using a white or off-white fabric, and adding a black metal valance. The contrasting aspect of the white shade, yet blending effect of the black valance/frame is a nice touch of style to a modern space. This product mix from Alva  is really heating up and something you’re going to see more of!

Roller Shades for Black Window Frames

Idea #2: Getting Bolder with Darker Roman Shades

While you don’t have to use a black linen or fabric, you may love the color and want your window treatments to blend in when raised and match the black frame when lowered. If that is the case, then a darker-toned or black roman shade is a perfect choice. Sleek and sophisticated, our Roman Shades continue to be the picture of understated elegance. When the shade is raised you get the full unobstructed view out your window. This modern clean look is perfect for Modern Farmhouse style. The high contrast of the black shade with the white walls makes a dramatic statement.

If this style concept speaks to you, learn more by reading this article on: Do I Have Enough Window Depth for Roman Shades?

Roman Shades for Black Window Frames

Idea #3: ​​Consider A Zebra Shade to Add Variable Light

Another great window treatment to ensure you show-off your beautiful black window frames is the Zebra Shade. This type of shade comes standard with a Metal Valance, where the product roller all the way up for a clear, unobstructed view outside. The alternating band of opaque and sheer material also allows you to filter light based on preference. This shade gives a lighter and more open look than a solid black roller shade.

Time to Organize Around a Budget

It shouldn't be too surprising that custom-made products will cost more than those bought off the shelf. This expense may not be worth it for the average renter, but if you are renovating your home or have larger window openings, custom could be your only realistic option to meet your exact specification.

When shopping for window treatments, remember that some items cost more than others. High-end materials like Belgian Linen and Exotic Woven Woods are used to make some window treatments. Others are made of more budget friendly materials like polyesters and cotton blends. 

Below, we rounded up a collection of options for Window Treatments For Black Window Frames, with some general pricing for various window sizes. 

Wrapping Up

Black window frames are a stylish addition to your home renovation project. However, while black framed windows look great, they still need window treatments to accentuate this worthy investment, and soften the decor.

There's a lot to think about when choosing a window treatment for black window frames. You'll need to consider your needs and preferences, but don't hesitate to ask our team for help or schedule a virtual consultation. Enjoy the process and the great new look you have for your home.

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