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Inspiration & Fresh Ideas for your Home
The Best Window Coverings For Your Home, According to the Zodiac

The Best Window Coverings For Your Home, According to the Zodiac

For millennia, humankind has looked to the stars for the answers to some of life’s greatest questions: Where might fate take me? Will I ever find true love? What are the perfect window coverings?

Whether you take this astrology into serious consideration or are simply looking to break the tie between roller shades or solar shades (yeah, we’ve all been there, just kidding… probably not), our in-house astrology expert, Matthew Rouzaud, is here to share his insight to one of life's most formidable questions…

Custom Window Coverings


You, Aries, are the quintessential fire sign: impetuous, passionate and a little manic (but in a good way). So it’s no surprise you tend to run hot when you sleep. That’s why we’re recommending a cool lightweight sheer drapery in optic white because really, who doesn’t have time for that?

Custom Linen Drapery


As a Taurus, you’re above all else, a sensual being who relishes in the finer things: beautiful music, gourmet food and window coverings from Alva, of course. Your quest for a private home can appear to others as mysterious, but we know better – we know what privacy is worth. For window coverings that look great even in a minimal home, you require casually elegant Blackout Linen drapery that puddles romantically.

Custom Window Covering


Symbolized by the Twins, Geminis are exception masters of both combination and influence. You love to experiment and share those findings with others, which is why we’re calling it now: you’ll covet zebra shades, curious what these shades are? These are both function & stylish, sure to drive your 20,000 followers on Instagram crazy. Remember to tag @helloalvacom!

Zebra Shades


Cancer is a water sign and definitely considered one of the most sensitive of all the zodiac. You desire roots and combat abrupt changes in life. To satisfy the dependability you crave, an always soft linen roman shade, preferably in oyster.

Linen Roman Shade


As ruler of all the zodiac, you’re confident and certainly, robust, to say the least, with a larger than life personality. To compliment your exuberant nature go with motorized roller shades, a serious advantage for any home.  

Motorized Roller Shades


Do you love an organized home? Do you lust for order? Did you just finish binging on “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo?” As a Virgo, you’re the ultimate perfectionist and not afraid to show it. Making your bed isn’t a chore, in fact it’s a ritual, and without that ritual you’re often left feeling edgy. That’s why we recommend window coverings that can assume the perfect lighting: a light filtering roller shade. Available in various opacity levels to filter out just the right amount of light, from soft to room darkening, arranged just so.

Light Filtering Roller Shades


Libras are constantly seeking the balance both in life and with their window coverings. Our drapery perfectly fits your sensibility by weaving from the finest long-staple Belgian linen for an incredible experience that is harmoniously crafted.

Linen Drapery


Ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, you aren’t afraid of change. As a matter of fact, you’ve learned to embrace it. That’s why you deserve window coverings that respond to climatic changes – we’re talking solar shades, that keep your home (and you) warm in the frigid winter while still allowing light in and your body to breathe in warmer weather. Each season may feel like a new beginning.

Custom Solar Shades


Known for your humor, honesty and ability to get along with everyone in the room, you come off as a natural people pleaser. But (there’s usually a but), you also possess the strong independent streak. We're letting you make the call with color when it comes to our most popular window covering: linen roman shade.

 Linen Roman Shade


You work hard, live large is the Capricorn motto. You’re willing to go the extra mile and equally as eager to show off your achievements. You also enjoy the fruits of your labor by rewarding yourself with linen drapery, layered up with a matching linen roman shade to top it off.

Custom Window Coverings


Ruled by Uranus, the planet of change and freedom, you are the innovator, trend setter and humanitarian: valuing freedom above all else. You deserve window coverings that not only embody sophistication, but also provide a little economical advantages. Enter: the solar shade. I mean, who doesn’t want to save on their energy bill?

Custom Solar Shades


Symbolized by those two fish swimming in opposite directions, you too may often feel like you’re being pulled two different directions. Perpetuall daydreamers and believers in the good of the people, you're going to feel most at home with window coverings with a neutral appearance and go with all styles of decor, from transitional to modern. Consider roller shades.

Custom Roller Shades

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