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Creating A Home With Modern Window Coverings

Creating A Home With Modern Window Coverings

In 2019, we’re doing modern window coverings that are functional, versatile, and elegant. An often-overlooked home decor option, custom window coverings often bring variety, flexibility and chic energy to your space. And it looks heckin’ fresh. You might be thinking of window coverings of yesteryear: saggy, low quality, lame. 

Modern Window Coverings: Getting To Know Your Windows

When it comes to modern window coverings, you’re only limited by your space and your imagination.

Modern window coverings can be broken down into three categories. The functional, versatile, and elegant.

If you’ve been around design for any time at all, without a doubt you have heard the word “modern” used often enough to describe architecture, furniture, and overall home style and design. 

Simply put, the modern design is connected to the age of machination and is usually referred to of that of the 1920s-1950s (although some make the case that modern design refers to anything from the 20th Century).

Enter: The Zebra Shade

With an innovative take on the classic roller shade, zebra shades feature alternating sheer and solid bands that combine into a single shade. Zebra shades provide flexible functionality, transitioning between complete privacy, filtered-light or total view-through. Extensive fabric collection includes a variety of patterns, solids, colors and opacities.

Modern Window Coverings

The level of light control makes zebra shades great for rooms in your home where you want to enjoy that natural light, such as your kitchen or living room. You can align the solid bands to gently diffuse the light to exactly where you want it. This softens the harsh light that enters your home and spreads it around the room for better illumination and a more comfortable ambient light. You can also align the solid bands to give you more privacy in your home during those quiet nights.

Along with light control and privacy, zebra shades can also add convenience to your home. They are designed in a similar style to roller shades, so they are easy to use and offer a sleek appearance to keep your home and windows looking modern and uncluttered. 

In addition, zebra shades are available in a variety of operating systems, perfect for those folks who love to push buttons. Our motorized window treatments allow you to control your shades with just the push of a button from either a remote control or your smartphone. If you’re looking for true modern window coverings, these are it.

Modern Window Coverings

Window To The Wall Design

At the other end of the spectrum, you've got curtains or "drapery," which are often lined, pleated, and sometimes look more formal. If you’re looking for a modern window covering that can offer a more traditional window-treatment look and an even greater opportunity to add height, color, or texture go with Belgian linen drapery.

The important measurement when it comes to drapery is length rather than width: How long do they need to be to barely kiss the floor when hung? (Or how long do they need to be to pool dramatically, if you gravitate toward a more romantic look and, yes, comfortable with cleaning them semi-regularly). When it comes to Customizing modern window treatments, technically, when your selecting your drapery panels and going through the customization process just select the length to end right where the window ends, but in our opinion those always look like they got an unfortunate haircut. Longer is better!

Kicking It Up A Notch: The Layered Look

Now we’re talking serious modern window coverings. How can you not enjoy the idea of having both drapery and roller shades for the extra light control and functionality, not to mention, a true statement maker.

Modern Window Coverings

In addition to adding that flair to your room, layered window coverings also increase insulation, block incoming light and provide even more privacy. Layering your modern window coverings with shades is a simple way to give your home a more vibrant and finished look. Follow these three steps to layer your window coverings like an interior design pro.

1. Pick your base. You need to decide if you want to go with a formal or casual look, as that will dictate which shades will look best in your home when pairing.

2. Choose a layer. Once you decide on a base window treatment, it’s time to start layering. Whether or not you’re layering for fashion or function, pick something that will suit your style to really make your space pop.

3. It’s time to hang your window coverings. After choosing your base window treatment and layer, now you can decide on a length for your window treatments. Floor length will yield a more finished look. Keep the drapery panels even with the ground, or leave them puddled for the romantic effect we talked about earlier.

Getting Started With Modern Window Coverings

The next part is easy.

Modern Window Coverings

All you need to do is order free samples, take down your measurements and start customizing.

Modern window coverings often feature light neutrals, such as, oysters & oatmeal accents. If you’re feeling bold, a dark charcoal fabric can add a serious modern-meets-sophisticated pop to a space.

Start collecting some looks that speak to your personal style. Create a mood-board on Pinterest, save some favorites on Instagram, or browse through some Alva inspiration to spark your imagination.

We want to see how you create a home with modern window coverings. Make sure to tag us on Instagram — @helloalvacom and #StartWithAlva.

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