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Top 5 Trending Window Coverings in Miami

Top 5 Trending Window Coverings in Miami

Not so long ago, Miami's allure was about the sunny beaches and balmy winters, a breezy and carefree mood that started giving way to a burgeoning trendy and stylish scene, a scene that is still very much evolving but has without a doubt established the city as a premier destination for contemporary art, design, fashion and architecture lovers.

With that in mind, we’re going to dive deeper into what Alva sees as the top 5 Trending Window Coverings in Miami.

If you’re renovating or just starting a new project in Miami or the South Florida area and are looking to source the perfect Window Coverings, we’re sharing top trends from our customer data – and we’ve got good news!

It all Starts with FREE Measurements

Are you looking for Custom Window Coverings for your Coral Gables rental? Or perhaps you’re completing a gut renovation for your Miami Beach condo? Our team of local professional will take care of the hard part and measure all your windows and installation, so you don’t have to.

5. The Traditional: Wood Blinds

Window treatment ideas – from drapery to blinds – offer light control to an extent. However, when speaking about the functionality, blinds usually provide the greatest level of light control. As you probably already know, these window coverings have slats or vanes that can be tilted at different angles to regulate light flow. These window treatments can also be raised or lowered, depending on the light control and privacy you’re trying to achieve.

In the instance of drapery, this light control is very basic, they either cover your windows or they don’t. They are opened, or they are closed. Meanwhile wood blinds, offer a lot more control.

Window Coverings in Miami

Wood blinds remain one of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing window treatments for your home.. The aesthetic appeal, light control & traditional look simply add a feeling of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere of any room and give a natural vibe with a hint of graceful charm. They look great too!

4. Custom Drapery

Let’s face it you can never go wrong with a neutral shade of drapery in a classic, functional style like ripple fold or euro pleat drapes. Optic White, Oyster, Grays, and natural hues work splendid with different so many furniture colors, and very easy to apply to other styles as your home decor taste matures.

In the living room, bedroom or any other space where neighbors may have a view, adding privacy may be on that priority list and its an essential task for any Custom Drapery.

When it comes to lining Drapery, Alva, has three types: unlined, privacy lining, and blackout. Unlined will show only the face fabric. Privacy will have enhanced light control and improved privacy. And lastly, Our blackout lining will completely black out 99% of light for complete privacy. It’s worth noting, the blackout lining will certainly add a bit more weight to your drapery so it’s good to keep that in mind when planning out your space.

Trending Window Coverings in Miami

3. The Highly Economical: Solar Shades

Are you looking to improve energy efficiency in your home? Uhh, that’s a no brainer. Who doesn’t like to save on their utility bill?

Because the high-end solar shades effectively minimize the heat & glare, they indirectly have an effect on your AC, helping use less energy during the hotter months of the year.  And let’s face it, Miami is definitely warm year-around. This indirectly has an effect on your cooling systems and saves power used by them.

The idea of green energy & energy efficient practices has become a popular topic for homeowners. High-end technologies, like solar panels, and programmable thermostats have been utilized more and more. People often forget that one of the most basic aspects of an energy-efficient home are its windows and quite frequently view window treatments as only a decoration and an item that’s way down on priority list. However, it is interesting that heat gain from a home’s windows can account for 25%-40% of the average households cooling expenses. Especially in climates like Miami.

Window Coverings in Miami

2. Capture The Light: Motorized Roller Shades

Natural light is the holy grail of any room. Capturing it properly works to open up a space. Let’s talk about why Motorized Roller Shades are a top 5 trending window covering in Miami.

Imagine your living room roller shades raising open to wake you with the sunshine in the morning. Picture your roller shades transitioning to beautiful ocean scenes throughout the day and with the on-demand push of a button, you have privacy.

Your first thought of motorized window treatments may appear to be an extravagant novelty, but let us tell you, there are valuable benefits that go beyond the aesthetics. Especially, if your working with high windows or value child safety.

Trending Window Coverings in Miami

1. Top Trending: Zebra Shades

Let’s talk about Miami’s top trending window covering of 2019. If you’re looking for the window treatment that has it all & you want to put attention on those windows, go with Zebra shades… Our favorite room for Custom Zebra Shades will always be the living room, you know, since it’s smack bang in the center of things. Whether you like it or not, it’s a defacto centre of your home, so it needs to be a embody the high level of “functional.” Remember, you’ll this is where you spend the majority of your weekend with family and friends.

If you like attention, don’t be shy and just admit it. A statement window treatment will certainly elevate an otherwise simple aesthetic into something synergistic. We’re talking something sexy, fun and functional – the Zebra Shade.

Zebra Shades will bring a little oomph no problem to your selection of window treatment ideas. If you’re still wondering what this shade is Unlike the roller shade which uses one solid piece of fabric, a zebra shades fabric is made up of alternating bands that are semi-opaque and sheer which roll on the tube that bypass one another. The idea behind this is that you can rotate the bands slightly to line up the sheer fabrics, thus, allowing a view out of the window, while still offering daytime privacy and UV protection for the interior. A perfect conversation starter.

Window Coverings in Miami

A Fine Balance

When you’re setting up to order Window Coverings, its nice to have other point of views to help guide your purchase especially when it comes to the window. The best thing about the top 5 trending window coverings in Miami… Whether you’re buying or building new, we have everything you’ll need to a complete your dream window project.

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