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The Sweet Beast & Her New Custom Roman Shades

The Sweet Beast & Her New Custom Roman Shades

Window treatments are a big thing to consider when designing a space, especially with the endless options drapery, zebra shades, custom roman shades, the list goes on. There are tons of options to choose from that have different purposes and functions.

When selecting window treatments you always want to consider several questions. Do you need to block light, create privacy, or just look pretty? Maybe all three? Do they need to be the same throughout the house, or can you switch them up? Can you layer more than one option?

Today we’re specifically talking about Emily over at The Sweet Beast and how she flawlessly executed a makeover on her blush new bathroom using our flat custom Roman Shades.

DIY Blogger Transforms Powder Room

Custom Roman Shades

“Our blush bathroom was one of the first rooms in our home to get a makeover. The previous owner had 3 different window treatments on these windows and we swapped them out for just 1: a light diffusing roller shade.” Says Emily.

It was clear to us that Emily & The Sweet Beast definitely was looking for something to create a little privacy while still looking pretty of course. Her bathroom sits at the front of her home and looks directly across the road at the neighbors.

First Things First

Custom Roman Shades

Emily started off by ordering a free sample kit from our Belgian Linen collection (you can order free samples here).

It was no surprise to as she went with spruce a bolder, warmer, creamier shade of white when compared to that of our Optic white, which is our brightest white. It was close though. If you have been following The Sweet Beast for some time, you already know she went with something a little more bold. “I was drawn to the graphite (a deep charcoal color) thinking it would complement the bathroom’s pencil tile and black accents”. Were so happy she went for spruce. :)

Interestingly, Roman shades provide proper insulation and look homey when used in residential rooms like living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and so on. They provide a clean finish and a professional décor to offices and conference rooms. Although Roman Shades are ancient furnishings, they are timeless in their use and look amazing in just about any space.

Functionality & Control Types

Custom Roman Shades

“This is what the shades look like installed and open. The cord lock moves smoothly and locks easily by moving the cord to the right, making it easy to pick exactly how much shade I want to keep down or up. I like to keep them open at a height that lines up with the bottom of the first row of our leaded glass panes.” -Emily

When it comes time to raise up or lower your custom roman shades, you have a few options to choose from — continuous loop, cord lock, and a cordless system.

  • Continuous loop systems are replacements for the traditional dangling cords we’ve seen in the past. The closed loop mechanism lets you easily & evenly raise, lower, and precisely position your shades. This is the most popular control because it’s easiest to operate and always consistent. For larger shades, we’d definitely recommend this option.
  • The cord lock, an option where all the lift strings are combined into one single cord, held by what the industry commonly calls a cleat. This is a more traditional take on controlling a roman shade. We give it a thumbs up because of how quiet it functions, however, it’s not idiot proof from snags or “bunching” at either of the corners so beware of that.
  • Last but certainly not least the most modern of option, which is the cordless option. Just as it sounds, this system eliminates exposed, dangling cords and easily lifts or lowers with a gentle push or pull. The cordless system is the most kid & pet friendly option. We like to recommend this system for modern and contemporary spaces that look to eliminate as many small accessories as possible.

And here is the bathroom with the shades down, granting Emily all the privacy she needs.

Custom Roman Shades

Custom Roman Shades give you the look of costly window treatments at a price that will pleasantly surprise you! Roman shades, sometimes called Roman blinds, are a beautiful blend of today's popular decorating trends, fabrics, and colors suited for any occasion. Find yourself a little bit more curious about Roman shades, & how Emily installed her custom Roman shades? Here's everything you need to know.

You can also check out her Instagram & follow along on some of her other projects. 

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