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How Much Do Motorized Window Shades Cost

How Much Do Motorized Window Shades Cost

While wireless motorized window shades may seem like the stuff of the rich and fabulous — here at Alva we’re changing that for the better. Motorized window shades, not unlike smart LED bulbs, can be both a cool energy saving option and serve as a heavy lifting home security feature your abode just might need. Think: You’ve got nefarious individuals casing the neighborhood, and they catch your window shades consistently open-and-close, and lights going on and off. It’s definitely likely their going to shift focus to the houses appearing more unoccupied.

But first? You’re probably wanting to get some idea of how much are motorized window shades going to cost me?

In truth, the answer is going to vary depending on the size of your window, if you plan to add a decorative finish to the top. What you can depend on though is that each window shade you look to motorize is going to only add $525 to your product. That’s it!

However, before heading off to finalize your decision, it is important to make sure that you’ve researched the various technical capabilities of your preferred vendor, which will impact the noise level, speed, reliability and price. A full 5-year manufacturer’s warranty is a strong indicator that a company stands by their product and demonstrates, should you need assistance, the company will be their to provide assistance.

Motorized Window Shades

The Power Source

Remember that in choosing between various app control vs. remote, power options (some operate on standard D or AA batteries), which is an entirely different world compared to re-chargeable or Wired AC). A rule of thumb is motorized shades using Standard D and AA batteries will be much louder to operate, will have size limitations for larger windows. The other key consideration is maintenance.

  • Re-chargeable motors generally will get you 8-9 months before needing a quick 5hr. Charge.
  • Wired AC is going to always be ready, as long as you have power to the outlet!

Motorized Window Shades

The Materials

One of the key factors that impacts the cost of any window covering is the material that it is being crafted from. Here at Alva, we like all of our customers to know the various tradeoffs between different materials. For example, our eco-friendly roller shades or woven wood may be more costly than some of our solar shade fabrics, but it can also add back as much value if you’re looking to green your space. Unlike many vendors out their, Alva provides free swatches to help you realize you decor and vision.

Motorized Window Shades

The Remote Control & Accessories

Controlling your Alva Motorized Window Shades is made convenient by our contemporary design with touch sensitive controls. It's available in a sleek white color, and comes already pre-programmed with an assigned channel for the individual shade. Very convenient :)

Want to add smart capabilities to your shades, and control them via your smartphone? Check out the Smart Hub which offers Bi-directional communication allowing you to visualize the exact positioning of your window shades while also allowing you to check the battery health of your wire-free motors. Getting started is simple via the easy to follow setup wizard. Create rooms, set timers & scenes for optimum convenience.

Motorized Window Shades


As you can see, the cost of motorized window shades depends on a number of interrelated factors including, your window covering style, the size of your widows, which type of material you ultimately decide is best for your home, & how many windows you plan to motorize. However, whether your budget is small or need a full-home solution, you’ll be able to find a solution that works for you with Alva. With our state-of-the-art motors and whisper quiet operation, there’s no better time to make your home a little smarter and your life a little easier.

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